Jun 13, 2006

The Truth - And Nothing But the Truth!

It always makes me laugh when magazines quote someone, without knowing whether it is the truth or not, make it sound like it is by adding a convenient:

"is said to have..."
"rumour has it..."
"is purported..."

Just a bevy of adjectives there are to stretch the truth! Standing in line at the grocery store tonight I glanced over at Star magazine and all of the out-and-out lies on the front cover and wondered if the editor of that magazine can actually sleep at night. The front cover screamed "Angelina Cheats On Brad!" Now I am not a big fan of hers but give the girl a break - she just had a baby! When on earth would she have time to cheat? But alas, phrases like "a close friend reveals" or "sources say" can cover that if need be. In order to work for a magazine like that there must be a clause in your contract that says "must be willing to sell your soul for good dirt."

The Pond Man cometh not. Because of all the wet weather we have been having he is delayed and therefore, so are we. No big deal, we're not going anywhere. The stone masons are almost done bricking the retaining wall which is exciting.

Major writer's block for the past few days. Nothing really new to report. I think I'll email my friend Janet and ask her what I should blog about tomorrow. She'll think of something.


FarmgirlCyn said...

I saw the same magazine yesterday! It is getting to where I hardly believe ANYTHING I see in print...even my local newspaper.

Paul said...

i hear you about the writer's block... I was almost 2 full weeks without blogging... it must be the weather!!