Jul 6, 2006

Birthday Parties and Septic Tanks

As a SAHM I am feeling slightly overwhelmed this summer, which is not good, seeing summer vacation has only just begun. I have decided to step things up a bit and plan something fun for the kids everyday - for their sanity, but more importantly - for mine. Yesterday we went to the Library. Since the Library moved to its' new fancy-schmancy location we had not been so this was exciting. And a stroke of genius on my part. I took the kids to a place where they HAD TO BE QUIET. We should've stayed longer!

Last night the kids got to spend time at their Tante's while we went to a friend's surprise birthday party. It was held at a small, charming pub in a small, charming village called Williamstown. It was a tiny diningroom and our group of friends sat at a long harvest table, smushed in like sardines. I literally had to cross my legs and intertwine my arms on my lap. Good thing I like these people. The food was great, hard to eat sitting like that, but good nonetheless. The mosquitoes outside were INSANE and snuck in everytime the door was opened. And the manager hadn't had time to empty out the septic holding tank so the air outside was rather ripe. And I mean RIPE. Very appetizing indeed. How funny is that? With good friends though, none of this mattered. And it also made for wonderful jokes during the evening.

My friend will probably kill me for writing this but she will remain anonymous and I don't think she's a faithful reader anyway. She wrote us (the dinner girls) an email last night stating that her boyfriend of one year broke up with her in a letter left in her mailbox. AN EIGHT-LINE LETTER! That's right up there with being broken up with on a Post-It Note! I think her heart is elsewhere so it's something she's taking in stride. You go girl.

My hands are not on fire anymore thank goodness. I am pleased to announce the Sweet Jalapeno Jelly turned out FABULOUS. Worth the pain. (well, that may be a slight exaggeration) Next time I will use a food processor to do my dirty business for me.

That's it for me for this Thursday - gotta go "paint the battleship" aka - put on make-up.

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