Jul 3, 2006

Everything I Learned in Life, I Learned From a Blog

Ahhh, blog life. The source for my entertainment, news, gossip and family info. Who needs a newspaper, anyway? It's just filled with depressing stories of war and crime and debt and global warming. I'd rather plug into the blogs I read for inspiration, or sometimes just a good laugh. (sometimes BOTH at the same time!)

On a rather sad note today - I knew it would happen and it DID. Oh the horror! My gigantic planter FELL due to the strong winds yesterday. It survived, but not without taking a severe beating. I must Miracle Grow it today and nurse it back to health.

So July is upon us and I don't even know where June went. Why doesn't the month of January move this fast?

1 comment:

Paul said...

hey.... thanks for the great idea of hiding a note to my kids.... I'm gonna do that!!

Happy Holiday Monday!!