Jul 23, 2006

Good Times

My parents were hosting some Dutch company last week while Juergen and I were hosting my cousin Tim, his wife Connie and their kids. Both sets of company have now left and we are feeling rather lonely. Tim and Connie and their kids are the best company. Even though they hadn't been here with the kids on approximately 4 years, they walked in and it's like we started right where we left off. Their kids are WONDERFUL kids. Truly. We spent close to a week together and there was never one argument between 5 kids. Let's face it, some company you look forward to having, some you don't. That's reality. But when these guys come - we love it. I wished they lived closer.

Yesterday we had Jack's birthday party - 6 friends from his class came over for a pool party. The weather here has been hot and humid for I swear, 3 weeks. Yesterday - cool and raining. Unbelievable. But dang if we were going to cancel. Juergen asked me what Plan B was - I informed him there was no "Plan B." We could have taken them bowling but for some odd reason we decided that having 6 boys running though our house caked up with sugar and pop would be a good thing. They swam in the rain, played pool and video games while Juergen and I watched the clock like it was an idol to be worshipped. So really, this party wasn't much. But during dinner and afterwards with cake, the giggling and carrying-on started and I then realized these boys were actually having fun. One actually stated "This is the best party I've been to!" I glanced over at Juergen and smiled as the boys were sticking their faces into the cake. Whatever makes 'em happy.


Beth said...

Glad you had a good time with you company...and that the b-day was such a great time through the rain and everything.

FarmgirlCyn said...

Most of the time, kids don't care about the party frills, they just enjoy each other's company. Sounds like that's what happened at your house!

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