Jul 13, 2006

Jack's Birth Day

I simply cannot believe that it has been 11 years since I was pregnant with my first born. He was a week late and because of that, turned out to be a very big baby – eight pounds to be exact (well, to be exact he was 7/15 and a half but I told the nurses I EARNED that extra half ounce thankyouverymuch) Because I was a week late - and rather huge in 100 degree heat - my doctor decided to induce me. Now any woman who has been induced will cringe when she reads that word because she knows what I’m talking about. Labour is hard enough but when you’re induced it’s hard x’s infinity. (lovely english there, huh?) Thirty minutes after the dreaded ‘drip’ started I was looking at the window beside my bed thinking that if I hurled myself out of that window I would probably be in less pain. And then came the oh-so-wonderful epidural. I loved it. Didn’t care that the needle was a foot long, didn’t care that I had THE HICCUPS when it was injected – did not care! I had contractions that I could no longer feel and it was heaven. Until it wore off. The umbilical cord was around Jack’s neck, slowing down his heart rate so they rushed me in to get him out. I swear every doctor, every nurse, every student nurse, was in there with me. I should’ve charged admission. Long story short - one of the happiest days of my life when it was all over.

I really liked the name Jack so after he was born I cranked my neck towards Juergen (who was standing behind me so as not to see anything – and I mean ANYTHING) and stated “Let’s name him Jack.” Juergen tried to persuade me to think about it – wait a bit longer before we named out first child but I insisted, “It’s Jack.” I gave birth and I figured I could state anything at that point. I mean, really, would he even TRY to argue with me after all that? As an homage to Will and Grace before it even started, the nurse filling out the birth certificate asked me if Jack was short for anything. I replied “No. It’s 'Just Jack.'”


diana said...

I love this sweet story of your sons first bday... I was induced with all 3 of mine... i know where you are coming on this

Jenny said...

I was induced with my first and 3rd son. I love the name Jack as well!! It's full of character and is really cool!

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