Jul 3, 2006

My Fingers are on Fire

I learned a BIG lesson this afternoon. Never, under any circumstances, should you hand dice 20 Jalapeno peppers without wearing gloves. The sensation is that of holding your hands directly in the hot coals of a fire and holding them there. Indefinitely. You would think that washing your hands in cool water would help - however, it has the exact opposite effect. My sister-in-law Jackie suggested I coat my hands in butter to relieve the pain. Oh the indignity! And one more thing I learned - never rub your eyes with those red hot hands. According to some trusted sources this should go on for approx. 2 days. Lovely


Carol said...

How about dipping your fingers in sour cream - or soaking in milk - dairy relieves the heat from peppers when you're eating them - not sure about the effects on your hands. Worth a try?!

Paul said...

how about crunching up TUMS and putting them on your hands?? I HAVE to take tums every time I eat peppers!!!!

Goldwings said...

I got this answer off the internet. Hope it helps.

A cautionary note on preparing HOT peppers for storage or cooking. The "heat" in hot peppers is an oil called capsaicin that is contained in the placenta (membranes that join the seed to the fruit).

This oil will easily get on hands and fingers during the cutting and cleaning process. If you then rub your eyes, nose or mouth, the oils will be transferred to these areas with a distinctly painful burning.

Wear plastic gloves while cutting the hot peppers to prevent any of the oil from covering your hands. Wash hands after preparing is finished. Do not rub your eyes!

Should you forget to use caution and end up with burning hands, gel from the leaf stem of an aloe vera plant offers immediate relief when applied to hands or other burning areas. Use the gel carefully. A 10 percent solution of chlorox will also neutralize.

jamie said...

mmmmmmmm....I LOVE jalapenos. Never mind your hands, how did the food taste?