Jul 28, 2006

Stuff About Nothing

Why are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hiding their baby from the press so vigilantly? Don't they realize they are creating a sort of feeding frenzy now? There are websites and magazines that are counting the days since this child's birth and the lack of pictures to prove it. Does this family not have some sort of cranky cousin or annoying uncle that is willing to risk the wrath of Tom Cruise and leak a picture already?!

Tori Spelling must have gotten cut out of her father's will because this doesn't look good.

Say it ain't so Mel! With all of your money, can't you afford a taxi? Heck, you've got six kids, couldn't you have called one of them for a ride?!

For those of you who love "The Office" and I do, here's exciting news... new cast members! I think the Daily Show must be getting nervous - all of their recruits are jumping ship. You either hate The Office or love it - there is no grey area here. Steve Carell is absolutely hysterical and plays this character to a "T". He cracks me up! I think NBC is finally gettin' it - they may just come back this Fall and surprise all of us.

First he gets a house - now this?


mom of 2 said...

No doubt about the paper clip thing...I've got paper clips all over the place...hhmmmm wonder what I could get for them????

On a local radio station they used to say that Tom and Katie's baby was an alien...funny!

Jenny said...

Yes I was amazed when I first heard of the whole paper clips for a house thingy.
I laughed when I read your comment about Tori Spelling!!!
Have a great day!