Jul 9, 2006

Summertime, and the Bloggin's Not Easy

The last couple of days have left my creative writing side in a bit of a slump. I have been spending all day outdoors working hard. Imagine! Yesterday I did all the mowing as hubby was working. THAT in itself is a feat - we have close to three acres. Mind you we also have a riding lawn mower but that's another story. I did also use the push mover for the ares close to the house where the big mower can't get in. Phew - my body's feeling it today.

Wilbur continues to be a going concern. He still seeks out toilet paper with the sole intention of destroying it. He is jumping up on every surface now - thinking it's his natural born right. He has also consumed another Tim's, this one plucked right from my desk. Wilbur is like a child - if he's quiet for too long I instinctively KNOW he's up to something. When I finally found him that day, there he was gloriously licking up all of my coffee that was tragically dripping from the desk to the floor.

I forgot to mention - the other day I tooked Wilbur to 'Central Bark', a fenced in area for dogs to meet and greet, share some laughs. (this is also where he takes his obedience training) Every Tuesday night for one hour, large dogs congregrate and their owners hang out and watch them. WELL, the first part of the session was great. Wilbur was so excited and got to play with approx. 6 Labs. Everything was fine.


Have you seen these dogs? They are huge! They are also herding dogs like Wilbur. His name was Winston and he was 10 months old - he towered over Wilbur. I think he thought Wilbur looked akin to a sheep so decided to pick on him. Oh woops - sorry, play. He would chase Wilbur and then BITE HIM ON THE BUTT. Not cool! Funny the first time but not the second, third and fourth times! Poor Wilbur was so traumatized - he truly thought this dog was out to get him! (and quite frankly, so did I) The last bite was rather rough so we had to separate them. Wilbur is such a wimp that he jumped up onto the bench that I, and two other ladies, were sitting on. The Pastor at my church has the exact same dog so I am going to persuade him to come this Tuesday. I would love to see what 2 hyperactive Bouviers would do in the same fenced-in area. Death match! (just kidding...sorta)

This is a busy week coming up - the kids are in VBS Day Camp, Jack's birthday is Wednesday and my cousin Tim and his wife and kids are coming Friday night for a couple of days - can't wait! Hope the weather holds out.

Well, Wilbur's been quiet for too long so I better find out what he's up to...probably having a coffee and chewing on some toilet paper...


diana said...

you mowed 3 acres ??? wow !!! Joy does Wilber have a crate that he can go into ? Several of my friends use them. My neighbor down the street sent her unruly black lab to a wonderful sleep awaycamp where they trained him... he came back such a sweet dog... anyway... best of luck !

Joy said...

He had a crate - but grew out of it - now we just put him in the downstairs bathroom which is quite roomy for him. Perhaps there is the toilet paper link? :)

Connie said...

Can't wait to see you guys!!