Jul 25, 2006

Tina Fey Is A Comedic Genius...and other stuff

..."If you want to make an audience laugh, you dress a man up like an old lady and push her down the stairs. If you want to make comedy writers laugh, you push an actual old lady down the stairs." Tina Fey

Why is it I feel so excited that Tina Fey is leaving SNL? Because now I can enjoy her comedic genius at a time when I am still awake. Her new show "30 Rock" hasn't even started yet and already I am the NUMBER #1 FAN. I can't help it, but I take pleasure in the fact that Lorne Michaels is losing sleep at night over trying to replace the irreplaceable. You go girl!

MORE Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmm.....

Richard Hatch, the first winner of Survivor is going to jail for not paying tax on his million dollar winnings which begs the question: How Dumb Are Ya?

You are married to a SUPERMODEL. How dumb are YOU???

How exactly do you trade a red paper clip for a house? I would like to know because I'm staring at a pretty one on my desk right now: Here's How

Would somebody please give this girl a sandwich? Eat already!


marylou said...

Hi Joy,
Just wanted to let ya know I enjoy your blogs...they are witty, well written and a great way to start my day:) Maybe you should consider taking Tina Fey's position. Take care and keep on making us smile:)
Kind regards, Marylou

mom of 2 said...

I love Tina Fey...didn't know she was getting her own show. I'll have to check that out!

And, yes, someone get that lady something to eat!!

Alison said...

Tina Fey rocks! I hate to admit it, but I totally loved her in Mean Girls. You have a good well writen blog :)

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