Jul 28, 2006

What the Heck Is It?

Is it bad that my kids have been playing in the basement almost the entire day and I don’t care? Well, let’s put a positive spin on this – at least they’re not outside getting cancer from the sun’s harmful rays. Speaking of which, I found this odd mark on my leg a couple of weeks ago and after reading Dooce’s blog entry "Death to Ed" I thought perhaps I should have it checked out. My doctor is a great lady but honestly she would probably make me sit in the waiting room if I had a limb falling off and blood was spurting out Monty Python-style. Nothing phases her. Not even the fact that I have cancer. Well, I don’t, but let’s just say I do for dramatic purposes. She looked at it, seemed puzzled for a moment and then told me that if she were to “cut it out” that there was not enough fat on my leg and that the stitch would be therefore obvious. (you mean more obvious than this ugly brown mark?) Then she back-tracked by asking me if I had been out in the bushes (should I have been offended?) or weed eating. "Ummm, no!" to both questions stopped her in her tracks. Still thinking this is nothing to worry about she said "Let’s wait 4-6 weeks and see if it fades. If it doesn’t, we’ll look at it again." Hmmm, that’s comforting. So everyday I will look at this ugly brown mark and try to determine if it’s fading. If I don’t think it is, I will continue to use it as leverage against my husband. "Oh, you had a bad day? Yeah, well I have cancer."

I am so bad...


mom of 2 said...

You totally crack me up!!! I love the part about using it with your husband...great idea!

I do hope it fades though!

mom of 2 said...

I also love your deep thoughts by jack handey!!