Jul 31, 2006

When Will I Ever Learn?

It doesn't matter how much I try to convince myself that this time I will be different. Really, different. As in not like before. This time I will pay attention. I will be conscious of what I am doing and never make the dreaded mistake again. And therefore save myself a lot of heartache. So, in that moment where I feel confident and self-assured, I do it. I splurge. And I buy the sweater THAT SHOULD NEVER SEE THE INSIDE OF A DRYER.

Complacency soon gives way and poof! Ellie has another new sweater in her closet.


mom of 2 said...

My goal in life...when buying clothes...is to only buy things that don't need to be hand washed, dry cleaned or ironed! My way of ironing something is to spray it with Downy wrinkle releaser and put it in the dryer with a bath towel...so bad!!

Chunks said...

Hey! Look at it this way, you get to go shopping and buy yourself a NEW ONE!!!

Carol said...

Hey Joy!
Just about stopped into your place on the week-end! Drove from Truro NS to Cornwall in one day! Long day! Thought of you when we stayed in Cornwall at the Ramada!
Enjoyed catching up on your blogs! You made me smile!