Aug 7, 2006

Assuming He IS Guilty...

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Stupidity never ceases to amaze me. Is it part stupidity, part arrogance? I'm not sure all I know is if I was this guy I would be trying to find the edge of the world so I could jump off. Do you really think YOU will be the one who doesn't get caught? I liken it to the girl who stuffs her bra on her first date with the captain of the football team. One way or another, there is a very good chance you are going to be FOUND OUT!

We had a very busy weekend visiting with friends and family (however, never both at the same time) On Saturday we visited my cousins at a campground 45 minutes from here which confirmed the fact that I am indeed NOT a camper. (insert full body shiver here) This campground had people rammed in like sardines. Literally there was only a few feet between campers. Like an apartment complex. Mind you, they had a lovely camper but nevertheless it was almost on top of the one beside theirs. (they also had a flat screen t.v. in there but that's another story)

And on to other things:

Will Ferrell has a new film out. Talladega Nights...the movie my husband MUST see as it will make him snort out loud in laughter. (and that alone is worth the admission price to me) In the movie Ricky Bobby's two sons are named Walker and Texas Ranger. Priceless.

I thought I knew all there was to know about chipstand food. Well, apparently not because just yesterday I learned about the infamous "Fry Bomb". And what is this concoction that hails from England? Well, simply put - a poutine on a bun. Yep. Fries, gravy and curds. On a bun. I think the two carbs should cancel each other out and therefore it is a ridiculous idea. Come on people - YOU DON'T PUT POTATOES ON A BUN!


Chunks said...

Landis deserves what he gets, especially knowing how stringent the doping testing is for the Tour. What a drip! And that yellow cycling outfit? OMG!

I do not enjoy camping either. I did in the old days (aka. when I was young and could sleep on the ground!) when all there was was a tent and a fire and you were really roughing it. Now it is too modern, with the 50 foot motor homes with satellite dishes and microwaves. It's bizarre. I can have those things at home or at a lovely hotel, thank you!

I love reading your blog! It's always interesting here in your little corner of the Internet!

mom of 2 said...

I can't believe he cheated! How stupid can you be??

I'm not a camper either! We decided a few years ago to take the kids camping and it was a disaster. I have allergies so it turned out to be a big snot fest for me and we ended up leaving early. Needless to say we won't be doing that again. I will, however, encourage the hubby to take the kids so they can enjoy the outdoors...meanwhile I get the house to myself!

I have to see Talladega Will Ferrell!!! Sometimes I can just look at him and it makes me laugh. I do the snort thing too when I laugh husband does it enjoy it as well.

Oh, I forgot to read your quotes and stuff...gotta go back and look at those. They are always so funny!

Jenny said...

I was going to post about this topic as well. I can't believe someone would even take the chance. Did you see the excuses he was using? Drank too much alcohol one night..can't remember the others, but truly I don't even want to watch The Tour next year.
I love camping, but we don't get to go too often. Let me refrain, I love the sitting around the fire, hanging out in the day, but I dislike the sleeping in a tent!!
Have a great night!