Aug 25, 2006

Go Go Power Ranger!

Last night we had a double-header in volleyball which meant we had not one, but two chances to lose. Which opportunistically we did. As I have previously mentioned, our team, cleverly named WHATEVER is not the best team in the league. In fact, we are solidly in last place.

We have come up with a move that we have become rather known for - it is called the "Power Ranger". A swift, ever-cool move that involves shooting out just one limb in a desperate attempt to reach the ball that you are not willing to dive for. If done properly, it's brilliant. If done wrong, you can end up losing real quick. It looks like this:

In fact, this is actually a team photo taken of us last night. (I'm in pink)


Anonymous said...

Mommy Kay says, "Do you need a cheer leader?"

JanBan said...

Yeah-- you would choose the pink. What else is left for the girls.


Maybe I'd better snap it up before Heather does...

But hey, as the reigning Queen of the Power Ranger Arm, I think I should get the pink...

Mommy Kay, please come! We could so with all the support we can get. If you do maybe we'll even give *you* the pink suit. Wouldn't that be nice?

In honour of our revolutionary new move, I think we should call for a team vote. Who's up for re-naming us "The Power Rangers"?


FarmgirlCyn said...

Pink is my favorite color! GO WHATEVER'S!!!

Chunks said...

Heehee this post was funny! I am the worst volleyball player ever, can I be on your team?