Aug 10, 2006

Scanning My Life Away

Approximately a year ago I was contact by the "Not-Putting-the-Real-Name-In-Case-I-Get-Sued" company to see if I wanted to participate in consumer studies wherein I scan my purchases and send the info to the mothership - I mean, company headquaters. You know, same as the ratings for t.v. - but not as secretive or cool. I CAN tell people. I don't have to relocate and assume a different name or anything like that.

Now I have to say as a former advertising graduate I usually would not fall for this kind of thing if it hadn't been for the FREE STUFF you get for doing it. So, my scanner arrived yesterday along with the gift catalogue. 14,900 points gets you a pineapple knife. Woah baby, I have hit the mother load!

But honestly, I feel so honoured to be a part of a nationwide survery that shows how Canadians shop. Here is my chance to show manufacturer's that I don't buy crappy stuff! And if I do, I certainly won't scan it! Oops. Just kidding. I will scan *everything* that comes through my door. If it has a barcode on it, it shall be scanned. (I REALLY want that pineapple knife)


Chunks said...

Hook a girl up! This sounds like just the thing for me!!! I would love to scan things too!

mom of 2 said...

How fun! I wonder if I'd shop any differently if I knew someone was going to keep track of what I bought. Do you even have to keep track of groceries?? I also think I'd have to keep the scanner hidden away or my kids would be scanning things all day long!

Joy said...

Getting chosen is pretty random - they just contacted me by mail approx. one year ago. I promise Chunks, if there is a way I will hook you up! ;)