Aug 15, 2006

Wilbur The Maniac

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For me to think that Wilbur's operation would in ANY WAY sedate him was quite naive to say the least. The day we brought him home he was ready to run a marathon, stitches or no stitches. We were told to keep him quiet for a few days. No running, no jumping...basically living to Wilbur. Those were a long couple of days wherein Wilbur acted out like only Wilbur can. Anyway he could get attention, preferably negative, was tops on his list of things to get done in his doggy day. He really upped the ante. Yesterday while I was out of the room, he jumped up to the kitchen island and was able to reach a big CHUNK of baker's chocolate I had just bought. It was wrapped only in cellophane and by the time I found him he had it half-opened but got it wedged behind a chair. With limited access, he continued to persevere. He had licked it so much on the one side that there was a indentation formed like the bowl of my bathroom sink. When I scolded him and took it away he looked at me as if to say "Well really, what do you want me to do? You took my manhood away, you won't let me jump or run, what ELSE am I supposed to do?" After I thought about it I realized he was right. He did have a point.

Last night I took Wilbur to his Obedience Class where he was so excited to be out with other dogs that he could simply not concentrate. I have never seen him like that before. (maybe the chocolate kicked in?) The instructor, seeing the distraught look in my eyes and knowing full well that I may SNAP at any second, decided to try a special collar on him that would limit his "hyper-ness". Well, that went over like a lead balloon. He absolutely freaked. He jumped, twisted, pulled, yanked, jerked and would dramatically hurl himself onto the ground in an attempt to just GET IT OFF. Kinda like me with a snake. Shannon (the instructor) couldn't believe it. Even she tried to calm him but to no avail. Then she brought out the big gun. She lead up to it by saying in an ominous tone "I hardly EVER recommend this but...I think he should wear the pinch collar." Off she went to go get it and when she came back I winced when I saw it - it did look like a torture device. Something a biker would put on his bad-ass Pitbull! The metal link collar has spikes in it that prevents the dog from pulling (maybe not prevent, but makes it very uncomfortable to) Well, miracle upon miracle, the dang thing worked. Wilbur was walking beside me like a well-trained canine, probably just so happy that the other torture collar was off.

So Wilbur and I are going to go walking every night now that he is unable to rip my arm out of the socket. After he becomes a pro at that I am going to teach him how to find and kill snakes quietly and efficiently.


mom of 2 said...

I've seen those collars before. I don't doubt that they work!

We take our dog for daily walks...usually hubby does this every morning before work. But it does make a huge difference in how she acts!

He's just so darn cute though!!

Chunks said...

I've seen those spiky collars. Can I recommend a friendlier solution? Go to Petland and ask for a Halti. They go over their noses and make leash walking a much better experience. A friend has a Retriever that was mental and got the Halti and now the dog walks at her side like a pro.

Joy said...

That is so funny! The first collar WAS a Halti!! He absolutely hated it - weird, huh?