Sep 7, 2006

Dogs and Car Washes Do Not Mix

I took Wilbur with me through the car wash today. Big mistake. BIG. Shoulda had my camera with me but then again I was afraid for my own safety when after the wash began, Wilbur looked at me with absolute terror in his eyes. You know it's not going to be good when he surveys the inside of the vehicle, then looks at you like you are the safest place for him to hide. Longest 2 minutes I have spent...

This struck me yesterday... do you ever wonder why they built such a tacky city right next to one of the seven wonders of the world? Could they not have thought that out better? Perhaps less wax museums/haunted houses/casinos? More nature, more class, more anything-not-so-tacky?

I guess I'm not the only one who is having trouble commenting on other people's blogs. A fellow blogger Mamalicious was having trouble too. Now we just give up and comment as "Anonymous"!

Back to school means packing lunches. I had forgotten how fussy Jack is when it comes to eating. I made him a fresh ham sandwich this morning for his lunch and you should have seen the pout-on that followed. Oh, that really aggravates me, especially when my morning coffee hasn't had the chance to pump through my veins yet. I actually gave him the "Do you know how many starving children there are in the world?" speech. And it's only DAY THREE people!!!


SpecialGirlShari said...

Awww poor Wilbur (at the carwash) and poor YOU !!!
Next time I guess you'll be leaving him at home, 'eh? :)

Have a great weekend, Joy. I know its not hear yet .. but close.



Anonymous said...

I got a great visual of Wilbur trying to sit on your lap thru the carwash!
I agree with the lunch making chaos. My oldest son doesn't like certain combinations (ham/cheese/lettuce) while the middle son doesn't like a plain old sandwich...
The joys of parenting!!

Anonymous said...

Joy, that is too funny! Wilbur being afraid going through the car wash. When you were little, you screamed the whole time we were going through the car wash, even though you were safely ensconsed in my arms! Mommy Kay

mom of 2 said...

I love the children in China are starving speech...I use it regularly!!

SoCalMuchacha said...

Wilbur, tell Mommy she's lucky you didn't piddle or poop in the car in that VERY long two minute drama...or did ya? ;)