Sep 27, 2006

It Keeps Things COLD!

I love my husband, I truly do, but he has expensive taste. Take for instance when we went fridge shopping 2 years ago. We were looking at fridge models with the freezer on the bottom when something caught his eye. A grouping of approximately 6 fridges, segregated from the mass that we were looking at.

"What are those?" he asked the eager fridge pimp who figured he had us at hello.

"Oh those are our expensive, top-of-the-line models." he replied, lips salivating at the thought of a sale.

This is where Juergen starts walking and muttering to himself - "Must see expensive fridges. MUST!" He grabs a hold of the door of one of the fridges (actually, the one that is in our kicthen right now) and says "See, honey, feel the weight of this door. See the quality? Look inside. Oh man, look at the shelves, they're heavy duty..."

I tell him it's a fridge. It's not rocket science. It keeps things cold. So do the cheaper fridges over in the cheap section. We are now in the "more money than brains" section and I am uncomfortable. I am losing him. It doesn't look good.

Fast forward to us at the cash buying the expensive fridge Juergen so desperately wanted. (this, after a couple of weeks of him wearing me down) The sales associate, now my arch nemesis, asks if we want to purchase a warranty on the fridge that costs as much as a small foreign car. I reply that if the fridge is so well made, why would we need a warranty? We decline.

Well, that stupid fridge is making so much noise that I fear I may go insane. The motor sounds as if it's 50 years old and on it's last legs. If it could cry and moan it would. In fact, I think it is.

But Juergen, still pleased that he persuaded me to spend our children's college fund on a fridge, smiles and says: "But damn, feel the weight of this door Joy!"


SoCalMuchacha said...

Wait a minute...are you telling me something funky is happening at your house and it does NOT directly relate to Wilbur?!?!? Good golly, I think we've made a breakthrough! ;)

Btw, glad to hear that SOME areas of SoCal would be okay for you. :)

Chunks said...

Oh oh, I hope we don't read a post called "Our Fridge Broke Down and We Had To Buy a New One" post.

mom of 2 said...

That's funny!! We bought a top of the line dish washer a few years ago...spent way, way, way too much money on it and our old one still worked perfectly it was just loud. We thought we needed one that was quieter and we thought this expensive one would do the trick...we were wrong! Now we just have an expensive and loud dish washer!

Anonymous said...

I sound more like your husband. For whatever reason I always believe that quality is based on the amount of cashola you fork over. Unfortunately this is rarely the case!
Have a great day!