Sep 8, 2006

It's Wilbur's World and I Just Live in It

With the kids being back in school it is just me and Wilbur now. He is 9 months old and the equivalent of a two year old running freely and without care in the house. A very dependent two year old. One that never wants to leave your side. But when he does he is usually looking for trouble to get into like putting his nose in the garbage can, trying to squeeze open Jack and Ellie's bedroom doors and chewing on anything he deems appropriate.

I knew what Old English Sheepdogs were like as we had one before. They love to be with their owners. EVERYWHERE. Even in the bathroom. (see, I told you he was like a child) If I stand at the kitchen sink, Wilbur will dramatically FLOP himself at my feet, making me step over him until I realize I don't have to. If I sit down he inevitably saunters up with his wet toilet breath mouth and wipes it on my lap. If I sit in the sun room and let him outside for a pee, he will bregrudgingly do it, but then sit right at the screen door and stare at me - seems kinda stupid when he has access to the whole back yard. What dog doesn't like to be outside I ask you? Well, Wilbur likes it - but only if I am right then with him. And oh, by the way, our screen door is now completely dilapidated. Wilbur has turned it into his own personal "doggie door" by barreling through it one too many times.

He loves to go in the car with me and makes me feel guilty when I don't take him. It is still a bit warm here though and all of the crazy "call-the-police-people-there's-a-dog-in-the-car" people are still on the loose. Don't get me wrong - I totally agree but when I leave Wilbur in the truck with the windows closed - air conditioning full blast - and I run into the pet store to buy him some dog food, I don't think I am breaking the law. And the kind police officer who saw me get into my vehicle, and was embarrassed to ask me, agreed.

When we went to Plattsburgh last weekend my parents were kind enough to watch Wilbur overnight. Well, let's just say I don't think think that will happen again. He tormented their dog Matilda and basically made them appreciate her all the more. And at 7 years old, she still poops on their carpet!!

We've all but given up on the citronella collar. Basically Wilbur thinks it's a fresh blast of room freshener going off in his direction. Doesn't phase him in the least. The invisible fence we bought him in May is still sitting in the box as Juergen knows what a job THAT is going to be to install. Doesn't matter. We'll hook the damn thing up, he'll have one acre of land to roam freely and he will STILL end up sitting at the door to stare at me with those "But Moooooooom" eyes.


ToniM said...

He is so adorable! I could just stare at that face all day. He sounds exactly like Miss Cassidy. Always wants to be at our side, or going with us and never ever alone. She does not like to go out at night by herself alone. There are too many scary critters out there for a little spoiled girl!

Goldwings said...

What a great post! My aunt and uncle have a sheep dog too, and he's every bit a suck...a two year old in a fur coat! They are so darn cute, though!

Their dog, Sam, just LOVES to go swimming - so much so, that they bought him his own life jacket! It was fun to watch him chase a football into the water, when we were at the beach a couple of weeks ago.

Chunks said...

It is so easy to get attached to the little guys when you are home with them all day. They are like babies that never grow up, I think, always needing us.

I thought sheep dogs got really long, does he shed? Do you take him for haircuts? Is he full grown now? How much does he weigh? (No, I'm not shopping for another one!! Not yet anyway!) Just curious.

Your mom and dad have a dog that poops on the carpet?! OMG! That's gross. What breed is that so I can avoid it! I would think that Wilbur would be a dream after a housepooper. Blech!

Anonymous said...

Just a minute here Joyous one! Matilda does not poop on the rug anymore. Your father was giving her yucky food such as vinegar from the sour herrings! So now I think her body is back to normal. Father is in the doghouse! Just kidding! Keep on blogging! Love from Mommy Kay.

Ballpoint Wren said...

What a sweetie he is!

When I was a kid, our best friends across the street had an Old English Sheepdog named Blossom. All of us kids adored that dog because Blossom was so much fun.

I believe you, Joy's Mom! My husband gives our dog too many liver treats and then he gets the runs. Bleah! Men just love to make the dogs happy, but we always end up cleaning after!

SoCalMuchacha said...

Psst...Wilbur...ya noticing a trend here? Only posts I'm commenting on (and in a bassackwards kinda way, to boot!) are of YOU! Yup, ya bring that out in me. :) Shhhhhh....don't tell your mom...shhhhhh.