Sep 4, 2006

Long Weekend

I took the YOUR REAL AGE test the other day. Shouldn't have. My chronological age is 37 - my real age is apparently 41. Well, I guess there are certainly days when I feel it. The test asks a wide array of questions including weight, height, blood pressure, cholesterol, - and some of these I flubbed on a little. I mean, come on! So, the lesson I learned - if you want to live a long life and feel 50 when you're actually 100, you must not partake of anything fun, you must not eat anything remotely tasty, and for the love of Pete you must not drive over the speed limit in an Austin Mini.

Juergen and I took the kids to Plattsburgh NY this weekend. The weather was not co-operating for cottage weather so off we went. It was Juergen's first time to Plattsburgh even though we live in a city with a bridge that directly links us to the USofA. It has long been Juergen's dream to visit Ausable Chasm, I think it has mystified him for years. We embarked on the treacherous one-mile walk and ended our tour with a rather wet raft ride. Fun was had by all as no-one fell into the deep ravine. (always a concern of mine when walking on slippery rocks next to large cliffs when it is lightly raining)

School has started today. I am basking in the glow of quietness. I love and adore my kids but I feel so good right now that it should be illegal. I am now going to make beds with a huge smile on my face.... Then I am going to do some laundry and whistle while doing so.... Then I am going to empty the dishwasher and sing, sing sing....

Life is good.

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Chunks said...

Go back and take that test today because I bet you would score about 27!!

I'm singing the same happy little song you are....heehee!! Yay I have my life back!!