Sep 20, 2006

You Win

The fight is over.

I have succumbed after almost two months. I cannot take it anymore. In July I mentioned the volume control button on our clicker or, as most people call it "remote" ceased to perform it's duty. I milked it for a while using Jack and Ellie as stand-ins. Well, being the clever children that they are, they refuse to watch t.v. with me in that room now, knowing they will have to constantly adjust the volume when Mommy refuses to watch commercials that talk down to her - and therefore continually channel surfs. Two weeks I finally called my cable provider, which sounds like Mogeco, to report this monstrosity of a problem. They were happy to inform me that I needed a new remote and that it would only cost me $30.00 to replace. "What? Am I not under warranty?" I gasped. "No." was the unforgiving reply. Well, I wasn't going to let them get away with that. "Forget it!" I said, hoping the remote would fix itself.

It hasn't.

Now seeing my children refuse to be my personal servants - and I refuse to physically remove myself from the couch to mute Dr. Phil when the crazy people on his show continue to BLEEP-BLEEP-BLEEP all over the *BLEEPING place while my children are walking through the room, I am forced to pay $30.00 for a remote. Which presently I am waiting for Purolator to deliver. You see, Mogeco doesn't deal with the Post Office and this is probably part of the reason this magical device costs as much as it does.


On a totally different topic...

They say - "That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I say "That which doesn't kill you makes you bitchier, more sarcastic and totally embittered." But that's just me.

Happy Birthday to my brother Michael who turns 46 years old today. Michael has the wonderful gift of being oblivious. I think that's why he still looks so young and offends so many people. ;) Love ya Mikey!


Chunks said...

"That which doesn't kill you makes you bitchier, more sarcastic and totally embittered."

HOLLA! Indeed!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny about your remote...our remote has died as well. Last week we had it together by some tape and elastics and my dad went to grab it and we all yelled (it turned into slow motion) "no...not the remote!"
Needless to say he grabbed it and screwed up the contraption we had set up...we need a new remote..