Oct 24, 2006

Come, Listen to Me Bitch and Complain

O.K. Here goes:

- We are having November weather in October. Cold, rainy and no sunshine. (hence the name of today's post) What ever happened to Indian Summer?

- I just made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies and they are about as flat as my breasts would look in a mammogram machine. (or, just laying down) Every single time I attempt to make chocolate cookies they turn out this way. Very frustrating. Still good with a tall glass of cold milk though.

- Jack has just popped yet another bag of popcorn in the microwave so now the house stinks. There is something about microwave popcorn that is just not right.

- Every single lovin' time I get on the phone my kids interrupt me. When I tell them to stop talking they then try to sign language what they want, as if that is less obtrusive to a conversation.

- Jack is staring at me as I write this and just let out a BIG sigh. He's bored as he is banned from his Gameboy - more punishment to me than to him I say.

- Wilbur is bored too. He is much like a petulant child running from me when I go to punish him. He wouldn't let me grab him by the collar to put him in the bathroom for a time-out. Instead he scooted by me and put himself in there. Won't listen to "Come!" but will willingly take the punishment. I swear there's a little person in there underneath all that fur.

- I had this house spotless on Friday for my the dinner party we held. Saturday morning when I woke up it looked like a freight train had run though it. How can a house get that dirty in a day??

I think that's enough bitchin' and complaining for one day. I feel better already!


Chunks said...

Sorry about the weather. If it is any consolation, soon we will all be suffering right along with you.

Put a little more flour in your recipe. I should send you the recipe for the best cookies in the world! They are never-fail!

Micro-popcorn reeks! The kids are Popcorn-free thanks to their braces. Woohoo!

I try to mimic my children when they don't want to be disturbed, they hate it when the tables are turned. It never fails though with that phone thing.

I grounded my youngest off the TV this weekend, boy, talk about punishment! Then I had to listen to her/entertain her all weekend.

Haha on Wilbur! That is funny!

Housecleaning is not though, so I sympathize with you there.

Anonymous said...

I was just gonna suggest an extra 1/4 cup of flour.....

doesn't do diddly for the cookies, but it'll make your boobs nice and perky

Carol said...

HAHA to anonymous!!!! TOO FUNNY!!!

I would love to see Chunks' chocolate chip recipe... maybe she could post it on her blog so that we all can see it! That would be great!

We got a new microwave and I put in one of those bean bags to put on your neck. Set it for 4 minutes cause that's what our OLD microwave needed!! OOPS!!! Burned the beans right up... now THAT smells!!! haha! Hope your day improves!

Anonymous said...

Hello my little Joy! I know this weather is hard for us right now, but remember God is in control, even the weather! Monday was the 2nd anniversary of your brother's death, I had to chuckle, your sister Melody had prayed for a sunny day for Dad and I, but instead it snowed! Big flocks coming down. I thought it was beautiful! First time I remember having snow this early. Of course it is long gone. Love you, Mommy Kay