Oct 14, 2006

The Forecast Calls For Pain

Every single muscle in my weary body aches. And volleyball might have something to do with it. Yes, now we are playing volleyball through the fall and winter at my children's school. There is a big difference in playing indoors. First of all, you exert more energy. Second of all, well, that's it really. I have to remember that I am no longer 16 - but a 37 year old who just had an x-ray to test for oseteoarthritis. And please, don't ask if we won. It's having fun that counts. (my new mantra)

I used to love the Fall but now I hate it. Sure the leaves are pretty but now they are quickly falling to the ground leaving a rather barren landscape. So depressing. I think I'd rather look at snow. Thankfully Juergen and I have this cruise to look forward to in late November. We are going with 5 other couples and are really looking forward to it. This group is a scream. I would love to make up t-shirts for us all - does anyone know where you can get custom made t-shirts done cheaply? (is that a word?)

Today I have a very exciting day planned. Hubby is working all weekend so I am going to clean the kids' rooms from stem to stern. WOW! I just can't wait! Yeah, right. Somehow it seems easier to do on a Saturday. Weekdays I love to do my errands and make sure they last long enough to conveniently forget that the house is ashambles. I'm good like that.

P.S. Thanks Tim :)

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Chunks said...

Try cafepress.com for t-shirts. You can design your own and they are about 15-20 bucks per. I've purchased things through their website and they are very good.

Fall is so bittersweet...the minute all the leaves are gone, the only thing we have to look forward to is frost. Crazy.