Oct 19, 2006


I am driving home after volleyball with two talkative children. Perhaps it's the Oreos, chocolate Oreos, kicking in that my mother deemed appropriate to feed them right before their bedtime.

Jack states:

"Women are complicated. You need a book this big to understand them. (he stretches his arms as though he showing the size of the biggest fish ever caught)

Ellie knowingly agrees and replies:

"Yeah. You need a book this big to understand boys." (she mimics him excitedly)

Mom adds sarcastically:

"No you don't." (Mom knows the male species)

Jack adds intuitively with a chuckle -

"Yeah, you don't."

It's nice to know he understands.


mom of 2 said...

That's funny! It's good that he understands so early...maybe he can teach his sister that and make her life much easier as she gets older. As a teenager I always used to wonder what my boyfriends were thinking about...now I know! it's pretty easy to figure out! It's usually 1 of about 2 or 3 things that guys actually think about!! (sex, sports and more sex! lol)

Anonymous said...

you forgot food:)

Chunks said...

Hahah cute story! So true too, men are like comic strips.

I love listening to kids when they talk to each other. My kids have their own language that no one else understands, sister-talk.