Oct 18, 2006

Playing With Fire

My son seems to have a fascination with fire lately. I have now caught him twice lighting matches and thought I had made my point clear regarding that situation. The point where I explain that I too liked matches when I was his age. So much so that I lit a whole pack, then realized it was hard to blow out an entire pack of burning matches so I threw them into my bedroom garbage can and watched the entire contents go up in a blaze of glory. Almost burned down the whole house. Well, apparently that story meant nothing to Jack as he again lit matches in his room last night. He then opened his window and used a can full of Oust to get rid of the tell-tale smell. And then lied about it. So not only do I have a pyromaniac on my hands, worse - a lying pyromaniac.

It is the most dreary day here. Cold, overcast and miserable. A friend just called from Carmel, California and told me it is so hot outside she had to sit in the shade. California dreamin' indeed...

1 comment:

Chunks said...

Oh oh, what are you going to do with him?

Is he too young to show him pictures of kids who have been in fires? You know, scare him straight? Sounds like your story of pyromania may have just given him a challenge! I'd scare him. It's traumatic but less so than having him burn up himself or the house!

Oh and your Carmel friend? *Sigh! I have always wanted to go there, and I am totally jealous of their weather!