Oct 2, 2006

Public Bathrooms, Flower Girl Dresses and Sarcasm

I hate public bathrooms. Hate them! Today I went into one at our local Walmart and was it ever disgusting. I think all public restrooms should have those paper thingys that you put over the toilet seat. So while I am in there today I notice all the scratchings on the wall. Can I just ask - WHO has the patience (and time) to scratch their name on a bathrom stall dooor? When I get in there I just want to get out! And fast. I am certainly not going to carve in L.M.'s initials and then take the time to say what her expertise is below.

Ellie is the flower girl in my brother's upcoming wedding this Saturday. I have been desperately trying to find her shoes to match her dress to no avail. And I have looked everywhere. One bridal store wanted me to rent disgusting, worn shoes for $15.00. I think I would have preferred her barefoot. Anyway, today my sister and I ventured State side and we found the perfect pair of glass slippers for her. They didn't have her size so I went one up and crossed my fingers that they would fit. When Ellie came home from school she was so excited to try them on - and magically, just like Cinderella, the glass slipper fit perfectly. I am thrilled. That brings her flower girl dress/tiara/shoes/cape total to $300.00. Owch. I guess no new dress for Mommy then!

I just found out that October is "National Sarcasm Month." (Melody and Jamie will be thrilled to hear this) Well, Happy Sarcasm Month to ya! ;)


Chunks said...

I thought it was National Sarcasm Year...now I find out it's only a MONTH?!

I can't wait to see the pics of Ellie all dressed up.

I hate the public washrooms too. They are usually putrid and there is almost always someone next to me pooping. ACK!!!

Anonymous said...

Public Washrooms are gross and embarassing. If I have to go in with Gavin he always loudly announces, "hey mommy you pooping(which I would never do in a public bathroom...gross!)or peeing? Then he always exclaims...Your bum...Your bum..ha!"...One of these days I'm going to reply, "Yeah it's my bum alright kid...and it ain't pretty!"
BTW,I bet those shoes are pretty!
Have a great day!

mom of 2 said...

Public restrooms totally gross me out! I get even more disgusted when I have to take my kids in them...I try to get them to not touch anything! And how can people go in there, use the bathroom and then not wash their hands...oh my...makes me want to puke!!! Then they go and shop with their nasty hands on the cart handle...then I get their cart and I push it around the store...then I've got icky public bathroom germs on my clean hands...eeeewwwww!!! And that's why I carry Purel in my purse...and my car!! Ok, I'm done ranting now!

And until recently my son was convinced that girls had the same "parts" as boys. One time in a public restroom he asked very loudly if I was peeing out of my penis! I had to giggle and say no, son, no I'm not!! A little embarassing!!

SoCalMuchacha said...

Well, my dear, your first mistake was going into a Wal-Mart...but I digress. ;) As for National Sarcasm Month, honey child, I belong to the Church of the Modern Day Sarcasm...wanna join?

(Again, thanks SO MUCH for the video...love, love, LOVE it!)