Oct 26, 2006

Top Ten

Ten Things That Bug/Irk/Irritate Me:

1) My alarm clock
2) Cold wind
3) A phone ringing when there's no cordless to be found
4) An empty tank of gas on a freezing cold, windy day
5) Ellie yelling "O.K.YUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" to Jack
6) Madonna's "accent"
7) That Canadian red-headed chick who seems to be in EVERY commerical
8) My computer that constantly freezes up
9) Tripping over Wilbur's bones at night
10) Negative People :)

Ten Things That Float My Boat:

1) The sun shining
2) Blissfully sleeping children, all snug in their beds
3) A Tim's coffee first thing in the morning
4) A close parking space on a cold day
5) Secretly going back to bed when the kids leave for school
6) When hubby comes home safe on a Friday night
7) Dinner out
8) Checking out my favourite blogs
9) Re-arranging my furniture
10) Playing volleyball


Chunks said...

I thought I was the only one who noticed Madonna's accent! I was recently on You Tube and found a clip of her and Rosie on Arsenio Hall and I tell you, she don't sound like she used to!

That red-headed chick that is in the Jalepeno pepper commercial? Yeah, she is like the clap, she is everywhere.

I appreciate your love of volleyball, but don't share it. Took too many to the face in high school to think volleyball is good for me.

mom of 2 said...

love the list! I can't stand Madonna's accent either!

Jenny said...

Oh I so agree about Madonna's accent! I watched her on Oprah on Wednesday and had to turn the TV off cuz she sounds so fake...plus she is constantly batting her eyelashes which drives me over the edge..hey does that sound like I'm a negative persoN?