Oct 3, 2006

Wilbur, Worried

FOR THE LIFE OF ME I cannot post videos to Photobucket but I promised SoCalMuchacha this video of Wilbur. In it Wilbur is watching a video of her dog Rudy who is howling at some sirens outside. Wilbur is very concerned and very perplexed.


SoCalMuchacha said...

OMG, OMG, OMG, I am soooo cracking up, Joy! Thank you SO MUCH for posting that...it is even MORE hilarious than I thought it would be! And seeing Wilbur 'in the flesh' (well, probably as close as I'll ever get...oh wait, there is that CA possibility...how's the lotto coming? ;))...anyway, getting to see Wilbur so concerned was just adorable. I'm starting to feel I'm looking in a mirror and seeing a reflection of looking in a mirror, seeing a reflection of looking in a mirror..... You get the idea! LOL Feel like we first had the video of Rudy howling...now the video of Wilbur watching and listening to Rudy howl...feel like I need to be able to get Rudy to watch Wilbur watching Rudy and videotape it! Tell Wilbur they're officially cousins now. Thanks again! I soooo needed those chuckles. :)

Anonymous said...

That is too cute! I loved the video SoCal, I think I forgot to tell you. Wilbur is so adorable!!!