Nov 24, 2006

Bon Voyage?

You know what drives me nuts? The hyphenating of names. Sure, it's all cool right now but what happens a couple of generations from now? Take for instance Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Say she marries Gwen Stefani's little guy - Kingston Stefani-Rossdale. Does that mean their kids' last names would be named Jolie-Pitt-Stefani-Rossdale? Where does it end??

Preparing for a trip can be quite an ordeal. I like Juergen's way of dealing with it - he simply comes home the night before we leave and that's that. He has no idea of the preparation that goes into leaving for one week. Including packing everything for both of us, ironing until my arm was numb, organizing school/skating schedules, lunches, clothes and homework for the kids, getting dog food, treats and accessories ready for Wilbur, banking and calls necessary to leave the business for one week, and the list goes on.... vacation indeed!

My parents have taken on the rather large task of watching the kids AND Wilbur for us. Frankly, I'm more worried about Wilbur than I am about the kids. I liken him to two-year-old twins with A.D.D.
Mom and Dad, I love you. Godspeed. ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Joy, we love you very much too. Please don't worry about Wilbur, he will be fine. He'll have a great time chasing our dog and cat! Seriously, we know you both need a break. Enjoy and be safe! Mommy Kay

FarmgirlCyn said...

Have a most wonderful vacation! Come back refreshed and ready to take on Christmas!!!

Chunks said...

Have a good time and take lots of pictures! Relax and enjoy.

Oh and I can totally relate to your story about the ease of a man travelling compared to a woman. SO TRUE!

You're going to have a tan when you come back, aren't you? Oh, that sounds so warm!

no doubter said...

Excuse you; but Kington's surname is Rossdale -just Rossdale.

Cheryl said...

I'm with you on the hyphenation thing. I was sad to "lose" my last name but legally kept it as my middle name. I was all set to hyphenate but realized exactly what you what would my girls do when they grew up and got married???? Emily Ensom-Dack-? would be a mouthful and several generations later would be horrible! Well anyway, have fun on your trip!!! My husband "packs" just like that. ;)