Nov 2, 2006

Geo Party

Years ago when my Grandmother (or Beppe as I called her - grandmother in Dutch) was still with us, I would go daily to visit her as she lived right next door. She was the sweetest woman and always had a warm smile and hug to greet you. Her Dutch accent was thick and she sometimes spoke with broken English, which I loved. I remember going over at the same time a couple of nights in a row and I would ask her what she had been doing. As soon as I came in she would shut off her t.v. ready to devote all of her attention to our conversation, but her answer beforehand was always "Watching Geo Party..."
I could not for the life of me figure out what she was talking about but like a good granddaughter, would smile and pretend I did. Finally one night curiosity got the better of me and I told her I had no idea what "Geo Party" was. She simply turned on the t.v., changed the channel and said "See - Geo Party!" And there it was - with Mr. Alex Trebeck in all of his glory - the t.v game show "Jeopardy".
Otherwise known as "Jeo-pardy."



Paul said...

that is really sweet!!!

Chunks said...

What a cute story! I am not ashamed it brought a tear to the eye. I love a grandma story!

mom of 2 said...

That's such a neat story and great memory to have!! Grandparents are so special!