Nov 1, 2006

Wilbur, Bewildered on Halloween

Well, that was funny. I uploaded the wrong video yesterday so anyone who took a peek must have thought I was nutso! Anyway, here is the video of Wilbur freaking out at the mystery videographer.

And here is why he was so concerned:

The children had their "best Halloween ever!" Why, I'm not sure. I guess they really liked their candy haul. I liked that fact that is wasn't freezing out. Jack went as a nerd:

And Ellie as her old standard - a princess. I am milking this princess thing for all it's worth. She LOVES wearing pink and that's o.k. by me. Cuz I know after pink comes purple and then BLACK. Long live pink!


Paul said...

that is really funny!

and to some degree, sadistic! but I love it!

Chunks said...

Haha! Poor Wilbur looked like he was going to bust a hip sliding around! hahah!

It was so cold and snowy here last night, there were hardly any kids out. My baby stayed home this year and it just didn't even feel like Halloween! Oh well, onto Christmas!!

mom of 2 said...

I LOVE your son's costume...hilarious!! I say long live pink, too, but if you've seen my blog today you'll know that pink is totally out at my house!