Nov 20, 2006

You Oughta Be in Pictures

I recently took on the rather large task of buying new sleek, large, photo albums to replace my old, bulky ones. The new photo albums hold a lot of pictures so therefore I would be saving space. I had in total over 15 albums so taking all of the pictures out was quite a job. And it seems somewhere after the time Ellie was born I ceased to organize my pictures, even neglecting to put them in photo albums at all. So now everything is organized although perhaps not perfectly sequential after Ellie came along.

I don't know if I am the only who feels this way but I always get so melancholy after I look at pictures. It makes me feel sad, not happy. I look at the kids when they were so young and cuddly and miss that time. One of my favourite times of the day was early morning when the kids would wake up in their crib. They never cried, they just simply amused themselves until I came in to get them. Snug as bugs in rugs. At that age you could do no wrong in your babies eyes. You were the end-all be-all. Now, as my kids get older I see their own personalities emerging, a willingness to sometimes disobey and argue, a lack of dependence which means they're growing up. My, how time can seem to fly in some ways and stand still in other ways.

Juergen and I are gearing up to go away on a cruise, along with 8 of our close friends. We're very excited and it couldn't come at a better time - he is so over-worked and I, so under-paid. We haven't seen much of each other lately as he has been working weekends to catch up. As Tom Petty sings, "The waiting is the hardest part..."


Anonymous said...

Wait till they turn 31 and 26 years old...I would love to go back when they were arguing with me about teen they agree with everything I say as if they think I am senile..haha...I am 54 years young and my kids think they need to placate drives me crazy. Enjoy each day with them, even when you think you can't get THRU the day:) Maybe I'll get grandchildren soon and I can feed them chocolate and soda all day and then send them home...ahh...revenge:)

Jenny said...

Joy email me your email address and I'll invite you as a reader to my blog.

Jenny said...

Oh, only if you want to read it!!

Paul said...

I can relate to being sad after looking at pictures.... it is very draining.... and sometimes it is a look back at a happier time in our lives.... Growing old is not anywhere near as much fun as it seemed when I was little!!

have a fun day!:)