Dec 5, 2006

Cruise Memories

I'm still swaying away here on dry land. Ugh.

We had a fabulous time on vacation - couldn't have asked for better. The weather was wonderful, save for a few scattered rain showers one morning. I hadn't counted on the ship being that 'rocky' though. Although the weather was great the seas were rough and the stabilizers on the boat just didn't seem to cut it. The first night I awoke and thought we were all going to die. Waves were crashing outside our balcony. I got up and walked like a drunken sailor to peek out the sliding doors and saw white caps - 14 foot swells. My nervousness went away when I realized that even during dinner when the dining room was swaying that no-one seemed upset by it. I like to follow the crowd. Having said all that, the motion on the boat never bothered me. It's dry land that screws me up now. Even when we ventured into the ports of call I felt like stores and restaurants were moving beneath me.

I was really excited to do one of our tours in St. Maarten called "Explore the Boardwalk by Segway". Y'know, those new fan dangled people movers? Well, hubby and I waited over an hour at the Pier and no tour guide or people showed up. Turned out someone got hurt on the morning tour and so our group was cancelled. Bummer. We complained at the Services Deck when we returned to the ship and they oh-so-kindly comped us with a free bottle of wine and chocolate covered strawberries.

When one of our friends hurt her toe badly (during rough seas a bathroom door slammed on her) we figured she'd get the same treatment. They fixed her up with band aids (who knew toes bleed THAT much?) and then promptly sent her a $60.00 bill. How tacky.

We ate and ate and ate. I never knew I could eat that much. Luckily we were not on the cruise where everyone on board got sick.

It amazed me how many old people could navigate their way through a ship that swayed and rocked so much.

One couple in our group could not make this trip so Suzanne brought them with us in spirit. They were a big hit and everyone on the ship loved them.

We were lucky enough to meet the Captain "Giuseppe" and he gave us a guided tour of the bridge. What a view!

O.K. gotta go take another Gravol...


FarmgirlCyn said...

We were on a Carnival cruise nearly two years ago, and you are so right about the old people!!! We had only one really bad night, weather wise, and fortunately it was our last night on board. I NEVER want to feel like that again!

Chunks said...

Oh my, I had no idea they rocked so much! Better to learn from you than suffer for my own self!

I hope your balance returns soon. Your pictures are lovely but I'm glad you are back. You've been missed.