Dec 22, 2006

The Madness Begins

Woah, I made the BIG mistake of doing my groceries today mid-morning. My intentions were to get out earlier but that didn't happen. They are forecasting freezing rain here tonight so every man, woman and child were out getting the supplies they needed before hunkering down for the night. Unbelievable!

While I was putting away my plain, old sugar I noticed on the back of the packaging an ad for new Organic Sugar, with the interesting tag line "Grown and processed responsibly using only natural herbal extracts and vegetable purifiers. (Brand Name) Organic Sugar respects the earth and the people who tend it." Hmmm, does that mean my plain, granulated sugar is irresponsible and doesn't respect the earth and the people who tend it?? I'm pretty sure my cookies will taste the same nevertheless...

Our son somehow disabled ALL OF THE CABLE for ALL OF THE TV's in the house last night. Merry Christmas! Kids are off school and we have no cable. Yay. Hubby is looking into it but has problems of his own after falling off of my parent's roof yesterday. Yes, you read right - falling off of their roof. (Mom, don't feel guilty - it's NOT YOUR FAULT!) It was a nasty fall and has left him with some bad cuts on his face and a swollen knee. Love the hubby with all of my heart, but ladies, you know how the men are when they get hurt, huh? Now, I've got THREE children at home who want me and need me every single second!

Other than that, things are swell. I am ready for Christmas and don't need to fight the crowds for any last minute items. Hubby is saddened (!) because he didn't get me anything and now has a bum leg so shopping seems an impossible task. He HATES Christmas shopping. Hmmm, now that I think about it - maybe he threw himself off of that roof...



Chunks said...

I can't help but laugh thinking of your hubby's roof tumble. Of course it's not funny but the suspicion that he may have tossed himself overboard strikes me as hilarious.

I hope your cable is back soon!

Chunks said...

You "do" groceries too? Darin has bugged me for years saying it's "get groceries" not "doing groceries". I'm glad to finally meet another "doer of groceries!"

I'll stop hogging the comments section of your blog now.