Dec 18, 2006

One More Week....

It's never a good idea to let the kids know what you have purchased your spouse for Christmas.

Hubby has his suspicions and tortures them whenever he sees the commercial for the revolutionary TASSIMO coffee machine. He knows when they begin to giggle uncontrollably that this is indeed what awaits him Christmas morning. Bugger!

The weather has been very mild here and I am not complaining, it's so nice to be able to get errands done in relative comfort. Wilbur's Christmas present came early -a beautiful hand-made coat. (yes, I have succumbed to dressing my dog but for practical purposes - he's shaved and it's cold!) It's done in camouflage and he knows he is stylin' when he has it on. Problem is, it's been too warm to wear it!

I have finished all of my Christmas shopping and can now safely stay away from the stores. This is when people start to get nasty. Tensions flair, impatience is at an all-time high and germs are everywhere. I plan on hibernating now.

Our fridge has taken a turn for the worse. It is so loud now that we leave the room as often as we can. I think all it needs is a good hit with a hammer. (or perhaps that would just make ME feel better) It seems to be running all of the time now so the loud humming is relentless. Hubby is going to try and fix it today. If he doesn't I will lose my mind and really, he can't afford for that to happen.

I've got to make some cookies to give away as gifts. Is this not the best present - home-made cookies? My best friend Janet gave me a gorgeous glass cannister filled with her famous chocolate chip cookies. BRILLIANT! I have had my hand in that cookie jar all weekend - they are to die for! If only it had a lock on it so the others couldn't get in there.... ;)


Chunks said...

I have to go buy hubby's gifts today. Sadly enough, I don't want to go out there. I should have bought them sooner, but I am running out of hiding spots, so I thought putting it off would be best. Not.

I need to bake some too. It feels like it has been the holidays forever though, I'm kind of tired of them. What a grinch I am!!

FarmgirlCyn said...

I would have to have a lock so I wouldn't get in the cookie jar!!! I know what you mean about letting the kids in on anything I get for Christmas! I can't trust them as far as i can throw 'em!

Carol said...

We have a Tassimo Coffee machine at work! It's great! Good coffee too! I enjoyed the hot chocolate! Haven't tried the espresso though. The only bummer is when you are making for guests and you can't just pour the coffee - you have to wait for each cup to brew! But it is worth it.. soo good! I'm just impatient!

I'm glad you wrote about giving cookies at Christmas being a great thing! We are giving home-made baking away as gifts to our friends and family and I can get myself into a stew worrying that people will think that's too small a gift. I can pretty much get myself into a stew about anything! Tis the season!

Merry Christmas Joy to you and yours!