Jan 19, 2007

Birth Day

Today is Ellie's 9th birthday. Yes, nine years ago today I remember thinking please let this baby be a girl so I never have to go through this horrendous pain again! And thankfully the Lord blessed me with a beautiful baby girl who makes us smile and laugh every day. I had my worries, she kicked so hard throughout my pregnancy that I was sure it had to be a boy. Or a girl with a very, very big attitude.

Ellie surprisingly came right on her due date. (well, the fact that I was moving large boxes the day before might have something to do with it) That morning I awoke I felt the first sign of the great pain to come - so I went to see my Doctor. By the time I got there the pains had eased up somewhat so she directed me to go home and take a bath. Her parting words to me were "If it's really labour, you'll know." Hmmm, comforting. No sooner did I get into the bath did I get out again. "JUERGEN!" I yelled - "IT'S TIME!"

Now, the hospital where I was to deliver is a good 40 minutes away and let's just say this was not a Sunday drive for me. I was not about to have my second child delivered in the backseat of a Ford Expedition by a man so squeamish he will faint if I even mention any type of bodily fluid. At one point when I felt he was driving too slow I turned to him and yelled a guttural "You ALWAYS want to drive fast - NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO GUN IT - WITH PERMISSION!" Heck, at that point I actually wanted him to get pulled over because then I knew we could get a police escort.

Once in the hospital I did what every other sane woman would do and asked for my epidural. I was told the anesthesiologist was not there that day. Minutes later, with Juergen dutifully by my side, I heard over the hospital intercom - "Dr. Peters, please report to blah-blah-blah...." Dr. Peters is the anesthesiologist. My anesthesiologist.I grabbed Juergen by the collar, pulled him as close to my face as possible and in a voice likened to Damian's, with teeth clenched, screamed: "Don't just stand there. He is HERE. GO AND FIND HIM!!!" Well, turns out Ellie could simply no longer wait for her debut so she made her way out doing her best impression of a small hatchback car. Or at least that's what she felt like travelling down my birth canal.

After a late night last night, and an early morning of getting the kids off to school I informed Juergen that I was going back to bed for an hour. He seemed hesitant until after I reminded him of the eye-bulging pain I endured on this day, 9 years ago. He then changed his response to a most empathetic "Yeah, go ahead - you deserve it."

Indeed I do.


SoCalMuchacha said...

You ARE printing out this blog entry and laminating it so you can shove it under Ellie and Juergen's respective noses whenever the need arises...right? The lamination will allow for easy clean up in preparation for the next time it's needed. ;)

Lovely visuals you created for us, my dear. Let me know when the movie is out on DVD. I'll buy one! :)

FarmgirlCyn said...

Girls are SO lovely! I had 3 before our son was born, then one more as icing on the cake!

Connie :) said...

Christy says, "Happy birthday Ellie!" And, is that a Webkinz you are holding in the photo?

Chunks said...

Enjoy her now because in a few years, you will be wondering "Why me Lord? WHY?!!"

Ahhhh girls!

mom of 2 said...

Happy birthday to Ellie! That's a great story...sorry you never got the epidural! I had Emily without one so when I was in labor the epdiral was like my best friend!