Jan 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Wilbur! An O.E.S. Life in Pictures

This is where it all started...

Adorable little Wilbur aka - Fulla M5 - was brought into our lives

He was a good baby...

I mean, puppy

He knew how to tell us what he wanted

Coffee being his drug of choice

He also loved bones the size of small human skulls

And then one horrible day we almost lost him to a car accident

We were so thankful he pulled through

Recovery was rough - he hit the bottle hard afterwards

And got into some trouble

But he pulled it together and graduated with honours

Now he is the star we always knew he could be:

With only a little bit of "'tude!"



Chunks said...

That darn Wilbur is almost as cute as my Tazzy!!! Happy Birthday dude!

one`blue egg said...

This is great! made me laugh! what a fine dowg he is! Happy B day Wilber!

SoCalMuchacha said...

Oh Wilbur, my dear adorable boy, can you EVER forgive your Auntie Lala for missing your big day?!?!? I'm afraid school is kicking me in the fanny and I have fallen woefully behind on everything other than textbooks and projects...bad me, bad me.

I LOVED taking a trip down memory lane with all those pictures of you. I think you get more handsome with age, Mr. Wilbur! Happy Belated birthday from me and your howling video buddy, Rudy!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Fine-looking mammals.

LiLi M. said...

Happy Birthday Wilbur! you look fab on all these photos. I can vividly recall that your Mrs. told us you ate about a dozen of sausages, but it did do nobody harm in the end. So that could be a treat for your birthday!

Glenda said...

Happy Birthday Wilbur, your one of a kind.

But I must say booze is not the answer.


sashagirl said...

Oh Wilbur, I don't know how I missed your birthday, sorry (haha)
You are such a handsome guy, each time I see you, it puts a huge smile on my face and brightens my day! Happy Belated Birthday Big Guy!!!