Jan 4, 2007

Patience May Be a Virtue...

...but it ain't one of mine!

I brought my computer in on Tuesday morning and they made the mistake of telling me that it may be ready by days end. Two days later I am still sans computer and I have payroll for hubby's company to do today. Why can nothing go smoothly?

I ran into an old friend yesterday and got some great news. She's leaving her fiance. Why is that great news? Because he's an idiot. I'm sorry, but he is. He was verbally abusive and was starting to shown signs that physical abuse was not far behind - these signs were enough for her to pull the plug. I am so proud of her because she is (was, now I guess) very complacent and would do anything to please. For her to stick up for herself and stand on her own is truly amazing and I couldn't be happier. She deserves to find a man who will treat her with kindness, love and respect.

I don't think I've ever had a more relaxing time during the Christmas holidays. It's funny how the world has stopped for this week again. I haven't been doing any work for the business - haven't even been checking the phone for messages. I figure no-one really wants to start back to the normal word until next week - when the kids FINALLY go back to school. Hubby has been off and has now started tackling a bathroom remodel which may end my state of bliss sooner than later. Dust, anyone? Noise, anyone? We got 'em both!

Well, as I am writing this I finally get the call that my computer is done. Gotta go pick it up and spend the next couple of hours pulling my hair out when I try to put it all back together. Patience - indeed!


Chunks said...

Is it working yet?

I can't wait until Monday and the kids are back in school. Of course, I also can't wait until June so that they are done the year and we can move. I'm trying not to wish my life away...it's hard though!

berrie said...

oooh a new puter! so exciting*!!!!!!!kids have already gone back to school here, & soon we'll be getting some of your Canadian Cold winds & it will finally feel like winter here! xo