Jan 18, 2007

Permission to be Petty?

Big news
all over the internet today is the fact that Lindsay Lohan has entered rehab. Funny how Hollywood can spin this to be a good thing. People are giving her kudos and saying it's great she's being so proactive. Gimme a break! She's an alcoholic - and she's not even of legal drinking age! Her own mother was quoted as saying: "She's fine — she's amazingly fine." Umm, no she's not. Your daughter is not even 21 years old yet and she's in REHAB! That constitutes 'amazingly fine' to you? What is wrong with these people???

Oh puh-lease! I'd like to meet the idiot who is actually going to wear these. I just don't see it happenin'.

This guy is really getting on my nerves.

What were these two thinking???

Is it just me, or in every picture does Angelina Jolie look like a wax statue? Like
here, here, here, and definitely HERE!


SoCalMuchacha said...

Oh man, when I saw Sienna Miller's hair that night I couldn't believe it! Was she in the middle of a "Heidi" tryout and didn't have time to change her hair before the Golden Globes? The braid probably wouldn't have been that bad if the rest of it was done better...or not. ;) And Vanessa...well, let's just say she's gone down a notch or two for the disgusting fur she wore that night...tsk-tsk. And Lindsay's mom...argh. It's too bad she can't be arrested for child endangerment since she obviously didn't do right by her child in her formative years...and continues doing wrong by her by being her enabler.

At least in the midst of all that I DID have a good chuckle with those leggings! lol Looks like the poor boy was dressing nicely for a cold, cold day, but forgot to put pants on over his thermal undies! ;)

Anonymous said...

As an avid reader of your posts I think this one is great. I have decided that during the next elections I shall write your name in for the office of President of the USA:-)
Hey, we need a WOMAN with BRAINS and a SENSE of HUMOR...You go girl:-)

mom of 2 said...

I agree with you...amazingly fine does not equal in rehab...even at any age, but especially under legal drinking age!!

Those leggings....bwhaahaahaahaa!! I just pictured my husband in them...hilarious!!!

Chunks said...

Permission granted for ever and ever if you promise to post like this!!

What did Vanessa have on her head, a dead raccoon? Youch!