Jan 8, 2007

Rosie vs The Donald vs The Apprentice

Put aside the world and all of its turmoil for one second and let us concentrate on the truly big story going on right now. The war between Rosie and The Donald. And his subsequent promoting of The Apprentice.

First off, I have always hated the name Donald. And to put ‘The’ in front of it only makes it worse. This man is really starting to get on my nerves. I don’t think he has any true friends, I think he just surrounds himself with “yes” men. And can someone please tell me why no-one on this green earth has told him his hair looks like a long-haired cat laid down and died right there on his forehead? I digress. In a pathetic attempt to increase ratings for his “hit” t.v. show “The Apprentice” he has turned this feud with Rosie into front-page news. (must be a slow news day, 6 days in a row) Problem is, unless he starts finding more interesting ways to say "You're Fired!", ("¡Le encienden!", "Siete infornati!", "Sie werden gefeuert!") I think this show has had it's day in the sun.

Hubby and I sat in disgust as we watched the season premiere which featured the losing team being relegated to the backyard of the mansion. To live in tents. Oooohhh, how brilliant of those television executives to think of that! Only problem is – half the time they’re out there – it’s DARK. And because they’re not using spot lights, you are basically left watching this pathetic losing team cry about their sad existence in black and white. If I wanted to watch black and white t.v. I’d transport myself back to 1961!

Turns out, ratings are down for the show and hubby and I have decided to boycott it. The last straw for me happened when The Donald called the losing team into the boardroom in this most prophetic way – “Get your asses in here.” To tell you the truth, I couldn't care less who his new apprentice will be, but boy it sure would be nice to see average looking applicants. Every single woman on that show looks like a supermodel. Sure, some of the men can be quirky looking - but the woman all look like they just walked off stage from the Miss USA pageant.

Here's my idea to end this feud. Give Rosie and The Donald their own t.v. show. Together. Fighting head-to-head. With lights, camera and action! They can preside over two very distinct groups - average folk against the pretty people. Certain to be a blood bath - with lots of conflict, feuding, battling, name-calling and mudslinging -just what America needs right now!

I'm a pretty proud Mama at this moment because I can honestly say that my children are better behaved than Mr. Donald Trump and Ms. Rosie O'Donnell. Cheers!


SoCalMuchacha said...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, I FINALLY figured out how to get the images to show so NOW I can see your holiday pics! I know, I know, a little late on the draw, but better late than never, right? :)

As for Rosie and Donald, if I fall on sides it would be hers since he is the BIGGEST jerk (so full of himself...ugh!) and throws out those insults too easily. Yes, Rosie's thrown out hers, but the way he says 'fat pig' can be very offensive to anyone carrying some extra pounds.

And your mention of them doing a show cracks me up. A much harsher version of "Point-Counterpoint" from the old days of the TV show 60 Minutes! LOL

Anonymous said...

Always love to read your posts Joy, they are full of fun and giggles and true life:) On this one you have a valid point BUT let us not forget Ms. Rosie...she is not without fault in not only this but many issues. Personally I have stopped watching the view as I don't enjoy her style of crass media as well as her fave stand by, shock value. Thanks for letting me add my 2 sense today:-) Have a good one:)

Chunks said...

Well, I've been a big fan of Ro's for ever and a day, and that Trump is a big loser, as far as I'm concerned. I was happy to see his ratings were down for this Apprentice opener, he's a dud.

Of course, I followed the whole feud from the beginning and found it amusing to watch The Donald have an arguement alone, since she didn't really say anything publicly for two weeks (aside from blogging). He's really a putz. Could you imagine being his wife though? YUCK! How could you kiss someone with a dead cat draped across your head?!