Jan 10, 2007

Shop 'til You Drop

My 'bestest' friend Janet and I went shopping today in Ottawa for she needed a new bathing suit. She wanted me to come along for moral support - even though she and I wear the same size jeans, she thinks she is WAY bigger than me. Fool! O.K. She does have it over on me in the chest area, that I will give her. Well, we spent an hour in Bikini Village and I truly think we are qualified enough to now work there. Janet did succeed in getting a tankini bathing suit but of course had to pay through the nose for it. Owch. It hurts so much more when it has to come out of your nose!

We hit Old Navy at a prime time - the sales associate, one of the most helpful ladies I've ever met, showed us everything she was marking down - at 75% off! For the same price as her bathing suit cost, Janet walked out of there with two HUGE bags full! Jack desperately needed a new winter coat and I could not find one anywhere for the life of me. Apparently, buying a winter coat - in wintertime - is an impossible task. Who knew? Well, I ended up getting a down filled coat, orginally priced at $65.00 - for only $11.79. (collective gasp here)

Thank-you Old Navy! Because of you, my son won't freeze!


one`blue egg said...

oh man you crack me up! hahahaha! I think I'm a bit of each color myself coookooooo coookooo for sure! I love getting the bag fulls at old navy myself* and swimsuit shopping sux glad she found something!

Janet said...

Hey gul,

Didn't we have fun? I love those shopping days, sans kiddies, when we can act like a couple of carefree teenagers-- except with a little more cash than we had back then!

Thank you for your your stoic patience as I tried on everyfreakin'bathingsuitinthatentirestore. I honestly don't know how you endured it.

I hate bathing suit shopping. Truly. But the true coup de grace was not the fact that the suit I ended up buying was the *very first one I laid my hand on when I walked in the store* (isn't that always the way?) but rather, that after paying thru the nose for it(and yes, owch, it does so much more when it comes out of that particular piece of anatomy) I now have to have the damn thing *tailored* (can you imagine?) to fit my apparently oddly-short shoulders so the straps don't fall off sideways when I move... Why did Calvin Klein not think put adjustable straps on that baby? Why, I ask you, why??

But, I have to say, the Old Navy steals more than made up for the horror of the Swimsuit Experience.

I always know it's going to be a good day when somebody mistakes us for sisters. Again. (My stock respnes? Yeah, sure we're sisters. I'm the short fat one.)

And just for the record, let me clarify-- we do not wear the same size jeans. That's just a little dream I have, supermodel.

Thanks again gul!


Joy said...

Excuse me - you were wearing a size 5/6 jeans yesterday - and so was I!!!!!!

SoCalMuchacha said...

LOVE the fact that I've got an Old Navy outlet store about 11 miles north of me...AND they have pants that are actually long enough for a tall gal like me! Woo-hoo!

And size 5/6...let's see...yup, maybe have been that size in grade school! ;)