Jan 22, 2007

Party Party Party!

So Ellie had her first real girl friend birthday party here on Saturday. Usually we just have family over because we often travel in January. This year we aren't going away until March so we had plenty of time to plan her "Princess Party". She invited 6 girls from her class and the party was set from 2-6 p.m.

Most people told me I was nuts to have a party that lasted that long but really, that's the going rate. We had a craft planned, a movie to watch, games to play, pizza and cake to eat - I figured the time would fly by.

Ummm, notsomuch!

Let's just call this group "Short Attention Span Theatre." All hopped up on sugar and pop, these girls could not focus their attention on any one thing for too long. They bounded through the house as a unit, each one hanging on the next. They screamed, they yelled, they shrieked - all in good fun, but man, girls can be loud. I was never so happy when 6:00 p.m. finally rolled around and slowly but surely our house became (somewhat) quiet again. Thank goodness birthdays come but once a year!

Hubby has finally finished the bathroom and it turned out great. He spent most of Saturday afternoon in there which was brilliant now that I think about it...


Chunks said...

Girls ARE loud! They just get worse too Joy, take my word for it. Book her future parties at the pool, gymnastics club, or whatever other facility will allow you to have birthday parties!

On the bathroom? Um, that is so beautiful! I'm afraid I could never poop in a bathroom so lovely though!! :)

mom of 2 said...

There's nothing like having other people's kids over to make you appreciate your own!

SoCalMuchacha said...

:::sending in picture to thebathroomdiaries.com::: ;) GREAT job on the bathroom, and it looks pretty darn close to the pic on my blog, Joy! ;)

Loved your details about the party...amazing the lungs those youngins can have! :)