Jan 29, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Fun (?)

Well, this weekend was certainly a fun one for Wilbur. We were able to get together with "Griffin", another old english sheepdog who lives in town. It was funny to see the look on Wilbur's face when he saw him - "Hey! You look just like me!"

We decided to take these two boys for a walk on Sunday afternoon and ran into some more dogs - Wilbur had hit the FUN jackpot! He played with a Portuguese Water dog, 2 Standard Poodles and Griffin - oddly enough - all hypo-allergenic.

They all got to know each other pretty fast as butts were sniffed in an orderly fashion, conga line style:

Perhaps too fast...excitement and confusion set in:

Afterwards we took our (human) children to go sledding on this new hill I had never been to - from here on in referred to as "Death Slope". I made the VERY BIG MISTAKE of taking a run down "Death Slope" on my son's very fast sled. Let's just say it didn't end well. I pummelled down "Death Slope" at break neck speed - BACKWARDS. At the end I hit a bump and catapulted off the sled (BACKWARDS) and hit my shoulder and neck. I guess I experienced a momentary lapse of reason when I decided to take that fateful ride. Perhaps I thought I was 11 years old again - where wiping out is actually a fun thing to do. Not so much when you're 37! Now when I try to look left, my entire body must pivot in order for me to do so.

Damn you "Death Slope" - I shall never again return to your treacherous peak!


Chunks said...

Oh Joy, so sorry to laugh but this post reminded me of the time I thought I was 16 and did 21 cartwheels in a row to prove to my daughter that I could. Needless to say, I couldn't walk for three days afterwards!

When did it happen - getting old that is, that is what I want to know!

SoCalMuchacha said...

Anyone else hearing music with the conga line picture? ;) Fun stuff, Joy!

And your line, "Damn you "Death Slope" - I shall never again return to your treacherous peak!". Let's just say I have my own version and just fill in the blanks according to the situation...professor/classroom, boss/job, significant other/universe...you get the idea! ;)

Damn you ________- I shall never again return to your _________!