Jan 5, 2007

Tim Horton's You Really ARE a Big Part of My Life!

Yesterday while we were pulling into Tim Horton's for a coffee, my daughter Ellie noticed through the big glass window, a man sitting in a suit and a well dressed woman with him. She immediately came to the conclusion that something big was up. She stated, "I bet he's proposing to her..."

I laughed and snorted back, "Oh, please, what kind of a man would propose in Tim Horton's????" Then I quickly retracted that statement by adding "Well, except for your father of course..." In that split second I remembered that MY husband proposed to ME in a Tim Horton's parking lot, thankyouverymuch.

We were on our way to a lovely place called Chateau Montebello which is a good 45 minute drive from where we live. Hubby could not bear the fact that my engagement ring was burning a hole in his pocket so after he went in and picked up our steaming coffees, (we're talking pre drive-thru days)he opened the door to the car, knelt down and proposed on the spot.

Balloon rides, jumbo-tron screens, sky writing, fancy restaurants - keep 'em. Remembering the way I got engaged makes me smile every time!


Anonymous said...

Aw Joy how sweet! That's my handsome, goodlooking, wonderful son-in-law!

Paul said...

that is cool.....

but compared to Chateau Montebello, it does make you wonder!

When I got engaged, I was a youth pastor and proposed in front of the youth group..... mind you, I'm not married any more.. what does THAT tell you!!

we went to Chateau Montebello on our honeymoon ( back in 1987) .... that place is awesome!!!

maybe if I ever get married again, I'll propose at Tim Hortons... I might have a better chance at succeeding huh??!!

Chunks said...

My husband tactfully introduced me as his fiance at a family function, to which everyone asked, "When's the big day?" Of course, this whole engagement thing was news to me! It still makes me laugh too. Ahhhh husbands!

Carol said...

Another member of the "proposed to my woman in a car club"! There's more of us out there than one would expect! I'll never forget that lovely Ford!!