Jan 16, 2007


In an attempt to become a more, fit, healthy woman - and more importantly, to get out of the house - I have joined a yoga class with my friend Janet. I would love to get in shape but want nothing to do with step aerobics or anything that makes you have to jump up and down - in any fashion. Now yoga I can get into - especially the 'cool down' part at the end, that's my favourite. Janet and I get so into it that we almost fall asleep. As sleep deprived Moms, what's better than a dimly lit room, filled with like-minded women who just want to relax? Well, except for Pat, Janet's friend who during this quiet time decided she'd had enough and started packing up her stuff, apparently this relaxing time was too boring for her! I tell ya, it's hard to find your happy place when someone behind you has given up on hers! ;)

For anyone out there who thinks yoga is easy, it isn't. It stretches muscles in your body that you never knew you had. Being limber is a foreign idea to my body. Heck, I don't think I was limber when I was 10. The trick to yoga is the breathing. Deep breathing through your nose. I haven't heard so much heavy breathing going on in a room since high school. Wow!

I have to say it's rather hard to take Jane Fonda's advice and "don't forget to breathe!" while you're trying to perfect the pose, while you're stretching your neck to see if you are doing the same thing as the instructor - and everyone else in the room, while you're trying to maintain your balance. Clearly I have some work to do.


mom of 2 said...

I really want to try yoga...maybe when Travis goes to 1st grade and is in school all day I can sign up for a class.

Jenny said...

I tried Yoga with my girlfriends a couple of months ago and loved it...that's something I want to sign up for!
Have fun..and remember to breathe..