Feb 8, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

This is very sad news.
Last night, I was watching ET and I saw yet another interview with Anna Nicole Smith and I thought to myself - that girl is under a lot of pressure from the media and she seems as though she is severely depressed. She was monotone and withdrawn, and seemed to be slurring, perhaps from too much self-medication. Afterwards I had this horrible feeling that something was going to happen - that she was going to end it all. It certainly seems that way to me, anyway. I was not the biggest Anna Nicole fan but I felt for her. Three days after giving birth to her daughter she lost her son, and then had to deal with the press relentlessly hounding her over the paternity of her newborn. According to the media - this was relevant news. Why couldn't they have just let her grieve and attend to her own personal business? Jeez, this world we live in is so screwed up.


mom of 2 said...

I was absolutely shocked when I heard this news today! I find it so sad when someone so young dies...especially since she has a baby!! I can't even begin to imagine what her life must have been like, but I bet it wasn't good.

Chunks said...

It's brutal. What makes me insane is that no one was in her life to lift her back up. That's so sad. You gotta have friends in this life, she seemed to just be surrounded by leeches. So tragic. That poor baby.