Feb 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day, Need a Hug?

*O.K. a quick update: I am stealing (again!) this idea from mamaliscious blog - in honour of Valentine's Day she posted the video "Let's Get it On" by Marvin Gaye. Don't you just love Marvin Gaye??? Here's another one of my fav's from him:

I borrowed this most excellent idea from socalmuchacha. I love this video, it warms my heart.

I think Valentine's Day was designed for couples who are dating - a chance to show each other how much they care. When you're married, you know how much your husband or wife cares. You don't need to spend $100 on roses and a totally inflated restaurant bill to do so. Hubby and I being the rebels that we are, usually dine out the night after and save some bucks. I mean, I don't need retailers telling me when I need to be romantic with my husband, I can figure that out all by myself.

We've got a big winter storm happening here today so the buses were cancelled - yay, I thought I would get to sleep in. Nope! The kids got up at 7:20 anyway and then got Wilbur going which is the equivalent to letting 40 children with A.D.D. loose through a candy store that's made out of glass. While they weren't watching he ripped into all of Ellie's valentine's for school. She had painstakingly placed 5 candy hearts in small sealed bags and he - just as painstakingly - ripped open each one, stealing the candy only. The dog annoys me to no end. Good thing he's cute.


oneblueegg said...

amen sista! phooey on all that retail crapola! just give me more chocolate doesn't even have to be in a heart shaped box...a 3 musketeers will do! hahahahaha! wilber as always cracks me up....I just looked at him again in his jacket strolling along the path and LOL!

mom of 2 said...

i'm so with you on valentines day! if my hubby brought home $100 roses i'd be pissed! no flowers are worth $100!!!

Anonymous said...

Flowers alone may not be worth 100.00 but if the thought which is associated with the flowers represents how much you love, care for or miss an individual then those flowers now become priceless.

Joy said...

Well said anonymous

oneblueegg said...

Marvin G is da bombola! I'm still playing with that darn radio on my page:) tho I did manage to wash the kitchen floor, not much else but that radio..it's loaded with all sorts of good tunes.....marvin too:0)

I would take a FREE full body massage from my valentine over 100$ worth of flowers...any ole day:)

Chunks said...

Oh that Dog!! heehee!

VDay drives me insane. I never buy anything for it because I figure I show enough love every laundry day. :o)