Feb 26, 2007

I Must Be Gettin' Old...

In a desperate attempt to find a dress and a bathing suit for our upcoming trip, the family decided to go shopping in Ottawa yesterday. I must now tell you that it is official.

I am old.

Every store I went into had BLARING music in it, so bad that I had to walk out. Because when I listen to really annoying music that has no real riffs or verses that make actual sense, I start to twitch uncontrollably and my eyes go cross-eyed. I beg of you, how can you shop with your eyes crossed? American Eagle was the worst offender. The music was so loud in that store that I had to yell, and I mean yell "LET'S JUST GET OUT OF HERE!!" No sale American Eagle! I mean, come on, it's not a night club - you may actually have to converse with someone at some point.

I did not end up finding a dress for my brother's wedding because of the fact that it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to find a sun dress in the dead of winter. I may wear my new bikini instead. :)

I got to spend some quality time with a 'lil miracle baby today. :) My dear friend Katherine had Callum a month premature in December and he was just a smidge under 3 pounds when he was born. They really didn't think he'd make it through that first night. Well, here he is - a whopping 7 pounds, 12 ounces now, just a doll! Made my uterus hurt...but alas, no more babies for me.


cityfarmer said...

Baby baby sweet baby....and oh, you, too...catching your drift about the mall shopping experience...have GOT to look for a couple of dresses though for my son's wedding this summer and a nieces...I'll be going to small boutiques for sure where they lady helping me is as old as I am....hehe

oneblueegg said...

I have one tip for you my fwend WAX EARPLUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use them and they are THE BEST! Cootie patootie baby baby:) and so are you! Have a fine time on this next trip and this wedding:) xoxox

I'm a gettin old too! we'll go together!

Chunks said...

The stores make me feel autistic with their damn loud music. It ain't us honey, it's them!!

Good luck finding an outfit! Do you sew? heehee!

Sweet baby! I love to smell them, makes me want one.