Feb 5, 2007

Monday Musings

Wow, yesterday marked my 300th post blogging about nothing. Let's keep up the momentum, shall we?

It is that dreaded time of year again. The time where I wish I could bury my head in the sand and keep it there indefinitely. Science Fair Project time. Just typing those words sends shivers down my spine. Again, I am calling upon my sister's expertise in this area as she loves to work on these types of things. Why, I don't know. We are complete and polar opposites in this area. The same thing that gives me a migraine headache excites her to the point of creative genius.

Hubby and I rented Who Killed the Electric Car on the weekend. If you want to watch a documentary that will get your blood boiling inside your veins, this one is it. It is heart-breaking to watch actually. It follows the creation of a zero-emissions electric vehicle that posed such a threat to the big oil companies that it was disposed of. The most maddening fact of the documentary - a battery was developed for the electric car that could enable you to drive 300 miles on a single charge. A HUGE breakthrough as consumers were worried that electric cars couldn't hold enough of a charge to drive long distances. General Motors bought the patent for it and then promptly sold it. To Texaco. And guess what? Surprise of all surprises, this battery became dead-in-the-water.

Unfortunately I am not a big football fan but I did flip the channels a couple of times last night to see thousands of people pay hundreds of dollars to sit out in the driving rain to see the Super Bowl. Why, for the love of Pete, do they not hold this prestigious event in a stadium with a ROOF OVER TOP OF IT??? If you think about the millions of dollars being spent, would this not seem like a good idea instead of having hoards of fans leave during the half time show? And poor Prince - he's lucky he didn't get electrocuted when he was out there singing! And btw, what was that thing he had on his head during his first song? It looked like something Lucille Ball wore in I Love Lucy!

The weather here is deplorable. Despicable. Miserable. Wretched! Minus 40 with the wind chill. Hope it's warmer where you are!


FarmgirlCyn said...

I thought nearly the same thing about Princes head attire...tho I thought he looked a bit like Aunt Jemima! I also made the same comment about a stadium with a roof over its head. How crazy is that??? There must be one somewhere in all of footballdom.

mom of 2 said...

Congrats on your 300th post!

I also thought about Prince getting electrocuted. I also wondered about the thing on his head. Reminded me of something my grandmother wore when it was raining outside so that her perfectly coifed do didn't get ruined. And yes, a roof would be a great idea!

oneblueegg said...

I missed the big brew haha last night....working has its perks! I'm very glad the colts won (I'll always despise the bears) hahahahaha! sorry bear fans but I'm from packer land so you'll understand;) anyway I'm Freeeezin and it sounds like you're freezing a bit more then me...farmgirlcyns apple grunt recipe is currently in the oven and I'm a waiting for it! btw,,,, cute new pic love the shades;0)

SoCalMuchacha said...

We need to touch base, chica, since one of the methods courses I'm taking right now IS science! And yes, WE have to create a science fair project, complete with full-on lesson plan. So I TOTALLY feel your pain!

Speaking of pain...still feeling it over my Chargers giving away their game to the Pats, thereby getting tossed out of their rightful place further along the Super Bowl path...sigh. Was going AFC, though, so am happy the Colts won.

And congrats on 300 chica! Way to go. :)