Feb 9, 2007

TGIF and a Girls Dinner Out At Last!

Dinner out with 'the girls' tonight as we have a birthday to celebrate. Heather will be turning 29, again. We haven't been out in ages and I am so anxious for this night to begin. A night filled with laughter, great conversation, food being served to us, hence no dishes (yay!) and a couple of alcoholic drinks thrown in for good measure. I mean, really, what could be better?

Hubby and I got sucked into the vortex that is Costco yesterday. (what else is there to do in -30 weather?) We decided to make it legal and get our own membership card (thanks Sharon for lending us yours - which we still have btw!) I don't think they could have taken worse pictures of us - we look like hardened criminals on a day pass. Just under one hour and over $300.00 later we made our way home, stunned by the power that a warehouse store has over us. (Chunks, do you agree?)

I got my hair cut on Wednesday. Took over 2 inches off the length and wanted layers in there to give it some ooomph. Well, I always seem to leave my hairdresser dissatisfied. He took over 2 inches off, but left me with a sort of Dorothy Hamill look. Well, not that short, but you know what I mean. After my morning shower today, I desperately tried to cut some layers myself. And this is where I am going to tell you all NEVER TO DO THIS. Never under any circumstances should you try to cut your own hair. After seeing the carnage in the sink below me I desperately called my hairdresser and begged him to take me out of 1979. He obliged and fit me in this afternoon. Another hairdresser looked at me today when I came in and asked "Didn't you just get them cut?" Them? You mean, my hair? I mean, hairs? As in plural? Ah, the French can be funny that way. They like to refer to their head of hair as "them". Weird. I like to refer to my hair as a collective group but that's just me.

Well, speaking of my hair, I'd better go get "them" ready to go out! Cheers!


Sharon said...

Oh isn't that place addictive? Don't know what it is...

I'm sure you look gorgeous with your new 'do. Hell you could shave your head and still look great!

Hope you have a good time with your girlfriends tonight. Sounds like you could use it.


FarmgirlCyn said...

Costco...it will take you places you never thought you would go. I simply cannot walk out of there without spending a minimum of $150! But I NEED all that bulk stuff!

oneblueegg said...

it's a drug that place! Yeah I agree with Sharon YOU could shave your whole head and still be cute as a button! I do that to my own hair too:( I just want to snip it a bit and BAM :( sad me:( :( but it will grow! xo


Chunks said...

Funny thing, I was at Costco two days ago then I was at Costco again today. The moving lady told me to stay away from Costco which seems to have had some reverse hypnotic effect on me, my van automatically goes to Costco.

Oh, my Costco picture is my hysterical laughing. Yep, the cow didn't tell me she was taking the picture and Murphy made me laugh. I look like a mental patient!

Have fun on your girls' night out!

mom of 2 said...

Warehouse stores are evil...they rob me of my very last cent every time I go in there. I'm drawn to anything in bulk. There's just something so fascinating about a 500 count package of hot dogs...I...MUST...BUY!!!

Sorry about the bad haircut. There's not more things worse in this world to me than having a bad hair cut. And I've stood over the sink chopping away before as well. Hope he fixed them up nicely and you had a great girls night out!

Carol said...

Let's see a pic of the hair - did you get a before and after shot??? HOPE SO!