Mar 29, 2007

Revelling in His $485 Cure

I am working on the computer this morning and I turn around to see this:

It really is a dog's life.

O.K. For the last two days I have been scouring the Internet for glass jar wholesalers. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. For my new and ever-so-exciting project I need glass jars. Pretty ones. Like apothecary style but wide enough that you can get your hand in there. If anyone has anyone ideas please let me know!

This new video "What We Call the News" from JibJab pretty much sums up the state of our society. After watching it I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

Mar 28, 2007

I Won!

The Internet can be such a small world sometimes! I met a new (new to me) blogger "the reluctant entertainer" yesterday and actually won a package on her blog! How lucky am I?

Oh, I also wanted to give a shout-out to my wonderful cousin Tim who designs my masthead for me. I do not have that much talent to do it myself ladies! With every new season he magically changes it and I get a fresh, new look. Thanks Tim!

The sun is shining here today which is a welcome sight. It's a bit colder too so Wilbur can venture outside to do his business and when he saunters back in his paws aren't full of mud. Small mercies!

Although it has to be my favourite season, I was reminded this morning another thing that drives me nuts about Spring. The flies. Oh, they're everywhere. And they're stunned. Is there anything more annoying than a stunned fly? They bzz bzz bzz all over the place and then they get stuck on their back and don't know how to put themselves right. Wilbur is quite enjoying them when they land on the floor. He gets such a kick out of playing with them and then gobbles them up as a nice light snack when he's decided they no longer amuse him.

I just don't understand the purpose of a fly. They carry nasty diseases and poop on your food. What is the purpose of that?

Not this weekend, but the next we are going to tackle THE INVISIBLE FENCE for Wilbur. This is a job we have put off since last June. Yes, we've had the system sitting in the box for almost a year now. You see, our yard is rather large (almost 3 acres) and we want to 'invisible fence' the whole thing in. I really hope this works because a small voice inside of me tells me Wilbur will figure it all out in no time. I think we may have to put that baby on full power! And then of course we have to train him. Or rather, I have to train him. This should be a 'having your teeth drilled without anesthetic' kinda way...

Mar 27, 2007

My Biggest Asset

...would have to be my faith.

Of course trusting God is easy when things are going good. But when life throws you a curve ball, that's when your faith is really tested. Perhaps it was instilled in me from a young age and I thank my dear mother for that, she brought us to church every Sunday and that truly is the best gift I could have ever asked for. How some people walk through life without God I do not know. When I lost my brother tragically two years ago I am proud to say my faith never waivered. Was I mad at God? Sure, and I think that's normal. But I still trusted Him. I never stopped going to church during that time and I saw our church family as a lifeline. They were steadfast Christian soildiers helping us through the darkest time of my family's life. My strong faith was what got me through those dark days - and still does to this day.

O.K. Next subject!

I can see 2 robins hopping around the grass outside my window as I type, such a welcome sight after a long winter. I am rejuvenated by the mild weather and the birds singing. The mud and the rain I could do without but that's another story...

I am excited because I have an idea for a product. It has finally come to me and I am starting to put my plan in motion. I need to find a really good printer and a wholesale company for vessels. And I will probably need a website. Confused? Well, once I get going I will fill you in! It's an idea I've had for a while now and it magically came to fruition last night while I sat at the dinner table. I actually got goose bumps!

More later...

Mar 26, 2007

Got Cash?

Last week Wilbur got a hold of a t-bone steak bone. (well, that sounds better than actually admitting we gave it to him) He ate it lock/stock and barrel. Big mistake. BIG! He had the runs like you wouldn't believe and then he had blood in his stool a day later which scared us silly. (during this entire time he never looked or acted ill) Why we gave him this bone I don't know - I am embarrassed to admit it but feel everyone should know how dangerous this can be. T-bone steak bones break off into extremely sharp shards and can do a lot of damage. We knew better but we had the intention of taking it away from him when he got most of the meat off. Well, you know how things go - we got busy and he flew under the radar by being quiet for more than one consecutive minute. So I called the vet's office and after making me feel about 2" tall, the assistant told me to bring him in right away, which I dutifully did, knowing full well that this would probably be my costliest mistake ever. And it was. After blood work, xrays, consultation, i.v., medication and special dog food our mistake totalled a whopping $485.00. Owch. That's one expensive steak dinner! I had to laugh at the diagnosis at the bottom of the bill: "Bone particles in stool". No shit Sherlock! He's fine now and that's what matters most. Hubby and I are forever labelled the "town idiots" now but we can live with that.

So, the snow here melted completely on Friday and then it snowed 3" on Saturday night during my sister's birthday party. Sunday it melted again. Strange weather.

The worst thing about this weather is the mud. And the way Wilbur seems to be a magnet for it. His paws were so dirty last night that we had to throw him in the bath. The water was BLACK. And the drain stopped working right after so now we have a bath tub filled with black swamp water.

Here is the loveliness:

The picture above shows Wilbur's "I'm sorry, can you ever forgive me Mom?" look. (coupled with an underlying "Well, I don't feel THAT bad. After all, you did almost KILL me last week...")

Mar 21, 2007

Slip 'n Slide, Punta Cana Style

On the beach, adjacent to or hotel was this inflatable water slide that the kids loved. (btw, that's not me in the above picture!)

One hot day after perhaps a few too many afternoon cocktails, a bunch of us took the kids and decided we too should try our hand at this mammoth structure. (again, I must stress - a few too many 'Coco Locos' in your system does not make for good decision making)

Here's how it goes, after receiving a bracelet you make your way to the back of the slide where you get hosed down. Literally, with a garden hose. By a guy who enjoys his job a whole lot. (perhpaps too much when it comes to hosing down the ladies) Then you must climb up an enormous amount of stairs which are wobbly, (because they are inflated with air) and then you sit and pray for your life as you slide down a very steep slope into a puddle of water at the end. If you don't hit this puddle, which is designed to slow you down, you hit the end wall with brute force.

Having said all that, I simply cannot properly convey a) how tall this slide was and b) that I am extremely petrified of heights. At one point I was thinking of going back down the stairs of the slide but that looked even riskier than just sliding down the front. After sitting at the top questioning my sanity for a very long time, 'Slide Dude Employee' ended up pushing me down as to not hold anyone else up. My screams could be heard clear across the island. And if worrying about dying on a colourful, inflatable slide wasn't enough - an atomic wedgie was a certain guarantee. Undeniable proof that you should never drink heavily in the afternoon.

But when it comes down to it, I'm no fool. No amount of alcohol could convince me to do this:
(Hubby and Jack as seen from the beach)


...this adjusting to normal life outside of an all-inclusive resort sucks! I mean, I have to get out of my bed at a pre-determined hour - and then I have to MAKE IT, I have to actually prepare breakfast and dinner for my children and I have LOADS and PILES of laundry that to my amazement just sits there unless I do physically something with it. Oh the horrors!

Today is the first day of Spring and even though we have tons of snow on the ground yet (although admittedly not as much as Chunks) I heard birds singing. Birds singing! That joyous sound brought a huge smile to my face and gave me hope that warmer weather will soon be on its' way. And yesterday while I was driving I saw a Robin. No word of a lie. I don't know where he thinks he's going to find a worm around here but I wished him luck anyway.

Mar 19, 2007

Another day in Paradise

Saturday we were sunning and Sunday we were back to freezing. Amazing how that works...

Well, this trip was interesting to say the least!

- The hotel never did make good on finding anyone to perform my brother's wedding ceremony, I have never seen people be less accommodating in my life

- Mike and Trish had to get married in Higuey, a town which was an hour away, at 8:00 a.m. in the morning - lovely!

- The place they got married was basically a hole in the wall so we all couldn't go - just the parents and wedding party :(

Oh well, we did enjoy a nice reception at a neighbouring restaurant called 'Jellyfish'. The owner of this restaurant went above and beyond the call and truly made the day a memorable one. The restaurant was open-air style and right on the beach. We dined downstairs...

and then retired upstairs afterwards to comfy couches and big pillows on the floor, how yummy is that?...

The photo above shows our friends Betty and Dalmer from Saskatchewan who also came to the reception. They met us on this trip and we had so much fun with them. (we met them 7 years ago when we went to Puerto Plata have kept in touch since) We were thrilled to be finally able to meet up after all of these years!

This was the view from the top floor of the restaurant:

Jack and Ellie loved the birds they had there:

Afterwards we took pictures on the beach...

My two handsome brothers shown above

The happy newlyweds Mike and Trish

More pics on Flickr...

Our hotel IFA Ocean Bavaro was disappointing. The grounds and beach were amazing but the service and food was to be desired. There were 22 of us on this trip together and all of us experienced reoccurring tummy troubles at some point. I was so happy to come home to peanut butter toast and milk!

...and to see Wilbur of course! The pet sitter was not amused and told me Wilbur 'acted out' while we were gone. Bad boy! He apparently broke two baby gates, chewed on books and kleenex boxes, jumped on counters to grab food, etc. Um, lady, that's a normal day aorund our house!

Mar 18, 2007

I'm Baaaack!

Introducing the newest addition to our crazy family... ;)

More tomorrow!